January 2013

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It Isn't Faking!

Crystle Pishon explains the importance of truly being the change you want to happen.

A Bump, or a Wall?

Brian Whitaker answers an AWAI member question about an obstacle in building a career as a freelance writer.

AWAI Member Lives Up to Her Full Potential Through Copywriting

Rebecca Matter tells the story of Kendy Sproul's rise to freelance copywriting success.

A Fundamental Trap

Crystle Pishon breaks the cycle of always learning, never doing.

Stepping into the Writer's Life

How did Julia Borgini go from working for somebody else to going out on my own? She took Three Big Steps. Read on to learn more.

And the Answer Is...

Crystle Pishon highlights the importance of the often overlooked, but deeply innate, skill of asking questions.

Marketing Basics: Closing the Sale and Asking for More

Christina Gillick covers the part of marketing that web writers often consider the scariest: Closing the Sale.

A Recent College Grad with a Thriving Copywriting Business

AWAI member Rae Robinson was plotting her escape from the rat race even before she got in it. And she’s now well on her way to becoming the youngest six-figure copywriter in AWAI history.

Put Your Detective Hat On

Crystle Pishon covers a practical principle that is both obvious and yet easily overlooked on your path to becoming a successful, working copywriter.

Unique Multi-Channel Learning Experience

Will Newman introduces you to an excellent teacher in today’s message.

Starting Off On the Right Foot?

Crystle Pishon helps you reach your goals by reminding you of your biggest believer, yourself.

Web Intensive Attendee, Michele Peterson Completely Replaces Her Job Income with Web Writing Fees In Six Short Months

Michele Peterson is living proof that it’s really possible to launch your web-writing career n three days. Learn more to find out how she ditched her J-O-B.

Unconventional Careers in Uncertain Economic Times

Read here to learn about the top 5 boomer-friendly online freelance copywriting niches perfect for full- or part-time income.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Brian Whitaker reviews his writer’s life so far, and asks for reader input: what information or resources will help them in pursuit of the writer’s life.

Membership is Open! Join AWAI’s Professional Writer’s Alliance

If you’re not aware of The Professional Writer’s Alliance, read on to learn more.

From Beginner to Pro in Record Time

When you decide to become a copywriter, it’s amazing how fast your career can progress. And AWAI Member Bina Joseph’s recent rise is the perfect example.

Deep, Underlying Fears...

Christina Gillick talks about a deep, underlying fear possibly holding you back – even if you’re not aware of it.

The Most Common Fear...

Has the word "no" kept you from putting yourself out there? Christina Gillick explains away the fear of the dreaded rejection.

Breaking News… Only 8 Spots Remain for the 2013 Web Copy Intensive in Austin

If you’re hoping attend the 2013 Web Copywriting Intensive in Austin, Texas in February, you’ll want to get your spot reserved soon.

Are You Afraid of Failure?

Christina Gillick helps you get over one of the major roadblocks to a successful freelance career, the fear of failure.

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