March 2013

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Getting Laid-Off Was No Problem for this AWAI Member

AWAI-trained copywriter Janice Sakata-Schultze was let go from her job, but was able to turn the unfortunate event into an opportunity to grow her freelance copywriting business.

Bit By Bit...

Christina Gillick helps you breakdown those huge tasks into manageable chunks.

6 Faster Ways to Get Started As a Freelance Writer

Here are six things Christina Gillick would do to skip over those years of hearing about copywriting and go straight to freelancing.

WANTED: Highly Experienced Direct Response Copywriter for Agora Publishing’s Oxford Club

Agora Publishing’s Oxford Club is one of America’s leading financial publishers, and they are hiring. Read on to learn about this amazing opportunity.

My Web Writing Teleseminar – In A Snapshot!

Nick Usborne recounts some of the highlights from his teleconference with Rebecca Matter.

Landing Clients a Few Months in to the Copywriting World

AWAI member Chase Canyon hasn't been copywriting long … but thanks to some determination and a willingness to learn the necessary skills, she's already making breakthroughs.

Motion Beats Meditation

Christina Gillick wants you to take the first step, push the rock over the edge, dive in, get your freelance career going!

Claiming a Niche Gives You Focus and the Power of Choice

Michele Peterson wants to help give your freelance career focus by getting you to choose your niche.

Our Parents Were Right!

Christina Gillick cuts through your objections and explains why a freelance website is not just a good idea, but a necessary one.

A Lifelong Writer Goes Online … and Freelance

After 72 years of writing, Barbara Johnson is utilizing AWAI's programs to expanding into the world of online copywriting.

The Moment Everything Changed

Christina Gillick reminisces on the small changes it took to change from "aspiring writer" to "freelance copywriter".

Join Me On April 15...

Will Newman deals with the trials and tribulations of building his own freelance website.

Free Teleconference: Everything You Need to Know to Break into and Make It as an Online Copywriter within just a Few Short Months

During an exclusive teleconference Nick Usborne explains everything you need to know to break in to and make it as an online copywriter within just a few short months.

Can the Working Woman “Have It All” When It Comes to Work/Life Balance?

Many AWAI members find that freelancing offers the opportunity to have a thriving and high-paid career, as well as a flexible schedule for plenty of family and personal time.

Finding Your Path to the Writer's Life Has Never Been Easier

Check out AWAI’s new catalog for an in-depth look at 64 ways to make great money writing from anywhere.

The Most Dangerous Number for Freelancers

Cindy Cyr applies the old "eggs in one basket" adage to copywriting, and how diversity in certain areas can make or break a freelance business.

How to Turn One Client into Ten

Cindy Cyr uses some tips from Dan Kennedy to create a referral loop that will never leave her without clients. Read on to learn more.

Freelance Work-at-Home Careers Allow Writers to Make Great Livings and Work When, Where, and with Whom They Want

Recent bans on working at home by corporate giants Yahoo! and Best Buy have no effect on the rising number of freelance writers who've chosen careers outside the unpredictable corporate world.

How to Guarantee a Six Figure Income

Cindy Cyr shares a secret that many info-marketers Dan Kennedy has coached credit as the idea that gave them a huge financial breakthrough.

Put Together a Marketing Plan in Seven Days

Heather Robson shows you how you can get a full-fledged marketing plan for your web-writing business up and running in just seven days.

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