July 2013

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Just Ask!

Christina Gillick steps up her expectations, and gets great results!

YouTube for Marketers

Jen Philips April helps you utilize the amazing power of YouTube and online video.

Breaking News… AWAI Re-Launches its “Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market Program” After a Complete Revision

AWAI is excited to have teamed up with successful Christian copywriter, Joshua Boswell to completely revamp the program, Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market.

AWAI Member Has the Six-Figure Mark in Her Sights

June Steward discusses her copywriting success, and how AWAI helped her get there.

You Have a Choice

Christina Gillick talks about how to develop a positive mindset.

6 Freelancing Truths I Didn’t Believe

Christina Gillick shares six things that helped her no longer feel that freelance copywriting is “too good to be true.” Instead, she now knows it really is better than she imagined.

How's Your Mindset?

Whether you’re just getting started — or want to take your business to the next level — improving your mindset is crucial. Christina Gillick discusses her own mindset improvements.

Why Doubts Can Help You Succeed

Will Newman helps you understand how a certain measure of doubt can make you a better copywriter.

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