August 2013

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Niche Copywriters Welcome Here!

Does your niche have an active marketing association? This is a good indicator that the industry’s thriving and has the demand and opportunity for you as a writer.

Brand New! 4 Weeks to Content Marketing Mastery with Copyblogger’s Brian Clark – Your Fast-Track Guide to Building A Successful Career Writing Content

Learn about the new AWAI program, Content Mastery with Brian Clark, and how you can learn from this great marketing master.

The Clear and Easy Path to FINALLY Finding Your Perfect Niche Industry

How do you find the perfect niche to launch your copywriting career? Read on to learn about a popular program from AWAI to help you answer that question.

Niche Copywriting Jobs You Might Like

How to use LinkedIn to find copywriting jobs in specific niches. If you have a couple different ideas in mind, LinkedIn might be able to help you narrow down your choices.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Infographic

If you're looking to create an infographic for your own business, or for one of your clients, Julia Borgini tells you how to create a great infographic that will be shared EVERYWHERE.

7,365 Copywriting Jobs Reveal Your Best Niche

Learn how to find copywriting jobs in “hot” niche markets. Discover the best job sites and tips for finding and researching in demand niches.

Now Hiring: Dr. Al Sears In Search of a Health and Wellness Copywriter

Dr. Al Sears is looking for a full-time, health and wellness in-house copywriter to be on-site at their facility in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. Read on to learn how to apply.

Which Niche is Right for You?

Choose a copywriting niche & get focused on kick-starting your copywriting career. Step one: Identify your strengths, connections, and interests.

Why You Should Specialize in a Copywriting Niche

Will Newman explains how finding your copywriting niche will not only help your career, but also make you a better writer! Choose 3 niches that excite you most.

Free Teleseminar with Copyblogger’s Brian Clark on Content Marketing

Learn about an amazing free teleseminar with Rebecca Matter and Copyblogger's Brian Clark about the growing, in-demand world of content marketing.

Live: The Barefoot Writer August Issue

This month's issue of The Barefoot Writer will help you write faster, make more money, and stay motivated.

1% Will Make a Difference in Your Freelance Career

Commit to getting 1% better at writing every day. Whether it’s learning something new or writing a blog post, everything you do will make you a better copywriter.

Work Part-Time to Satisfy Social Needs

If you need social interaction in your day, working part-time is a great way to satisfy your need for interaction with others and also get that alone time at home.

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