September 2013

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Breaking News: AWAI Releases Updated Health Market Program

AWAI’s popular Secrets of Writing for the Health Market program update will go live on October 2. Check out what the update includes and how it could help your copywriting career.

Breaking Into B2B Copywriting

Steve Slaunwhite explains how to get involved with B2B Copywriting. Learn how to get started and learn more about the industry!

Please Meet Some of My Best Friends

Bootcamp is almost here! This is your chance to meet the masters of copywriting: Bill Bonner, Bob Bly, Drayton Bird, and Mark Ford. Learn from the very best.

Free Teleconference: How to Break into and Make it in B2B Copywriting

On October 1st, 2013 you can learn all about the business-to-business (B2B) market during a free teleconference with Steve Slaunwhite.

Turning Your Customer Into a Repeat Customer

Once you’ve landed a customer you need to make sure you have something else to sell them! Most companies make the majority of money by selling their customers additional products.

A Very Rare Chance to Work with One of the World's Top Copywriters

Want to work for Clayton Makepeace? This could be your chance! Read on to learn more.

Determining What Information Products to Sell

Make sure to research your target market, and ensure there’s a need or desire for the product you’re thinking about developing before your start developing the product.

Know Your Info Marketing Market

In info marketing it’s crucial to build a loyal following of dedicated fans and readers. Make sure your target is responsive and reasonably profitable to go after.

7 Ways To Be a Champion by Going the Extra Mile

Michele Peterson explains how going the extra mile can help your copywriting business grow exponentially.

Breaking News… Only 5 Spots Remain for Bootcamp 2013!

As of right now only 5 spots remain for the 2013 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair in October. So if you're planning to come this year – be sure to sign up now!

Effective Self-Marketing – Especially One Key Tactic - Helps AWAI Member Land a Major New Client

Learn how Deb Monfette used her AWAI training to create a stable of steady freelance jobs.

How to Get Involved with the Info Marketing Niche

Dan Kennedy literally invented the modern info marketing industry. Learn how to make one idea, a million dollar business and all the opportunities that surround it!

The Secret World of Information Marketing

Information marketing is one of the most lucrative niches in copywriting right now. Learn how you can capitalize on this ever-growing industry.

Lessons from the Language of Kings: What Abe Lincoln, JFK, Reagan, Obama, and MLK Can Teach You About Writing Copy

Learn different copywriting techniques from some of the best speakers in history! They have unique styles that can help capture your readers attention.

Breaking News… Only 9 Spots Remain for Bootcamp 2013!

As of right now only 9 spots remain for the 2013 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair in October. So if you're planning to come this year – be sure to sign up now!

How to Schedule Your Paychecks with E-Newsletters

E-newsletters are a great source of steady income! Businesses send out newsletters on a regular basis, so as long as you keep writing them, you’ll keep getting paid!

Why B2B is a Great Niche for Freelancers

B2B is one of the most secure copywriting niches, and a great place to start if you’re just getting started and about to make the transition. Check out the pros and cons.

Dan Kennedy’s Writing for Info Marketers Training and Certification Program Enrollment Open for One Week Only!

AWAI is excited to announce that enrollment is open for million-dollar copywriter Dan Kennedy’s comprehensive program to prepare writers and copywriters specifically to work within the information marketing industry.

Like Telling Stories? Turn it into a Steady Income

Writing case studies is like telling a good story, and it’s another great source of predictable income. Ed Gandia’s mastered this process and has a formula it.

How to Book a Steady Stream of Freelance Writing Sales Appointments

John Wood talks about a four-step system that will help you bring more prospects and clients into your freelance business.

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