March 2014

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The Web Turns 25… So, What’s Next for Web Writers?

Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web! Learn how the exponential growth of the web over the past 25 years will impact your web writing business.

Understanding the "Voices" Within Your Audience

When you’re writing for others … and especially when you’re writing to persuade others … it’s absolutely critical that you connect with them in ways that resonate with their beliefs. Jen Adams helps you connect with your readers.

Success Isn't Always About Writing Great Copy

As a copywriter it’s important to be professional, follow instructions, and submit your copy on time and make sure it’s free of typos. Your clients notice the little things!

Free Teleconference: Break in to Web Writing Quickly and Start Benefiting from this Ever-Growing, Ever-Evolving Industry (Plus get an “in” with web clients!)

During this exclusive teleconference, Nick Usborne will explain everything you need to know to break in to and make it as an online copywriter within just a few short months.

Success is Guaranteed When You Do This

Gain momentum in your writing career by making time to write every day, continually prospect, work on a content library, and find a mentor to help improve your skills.

The Fuel That Keeps Your Engine Running

Staying motivated can be tricky. Get involved with a networking or mastermind group, develop good habits, and remember to always celebrate your victories!

3-Step Roadmap to the Life You've Always Desired

What are your long-term goals? Come up with a plan on how you’re going to achieve them, and then start taking action steps every day to work towards your goals.

How To Gain Followers and Massive Exposure by Tweeting at Live Events

Tweeting at live events like this is part of Michele Peterson's self-promotion strategy as a web copywriter and online marketing consultant, increasing her authority, credibility, and reach.

Go From “Invisible” to “Easy-to-Find Professional Freelancer” in Just 4 Days!

If you’re a freelancer still operating without a website, you might as well be “The Invisible Man.” Read on to find out how you can go from “invisible” to “easy-to-find professional freelancer” in just four days!

This Daily Habit is Vitally Important

Your self-belief and confidence is vitally important to your success as a copywriter. If you want to be a copywriter, start acting like one. Do things copywriters would do.

The First Step is to Draw a Line in the Sand

Commit to your goal 100%. Make your goals public by telling your friends and family what your goals are so they can hold you to them.

This "Super Niche" Can Make You Super Wealthy

Information Marketing isn't just another copywriting niche. It’s s “super niche” that enables you to write about pretty much anything you want! Learn more.

Live: The Barefoot Writer March Issue

This month’s issue of The Barefoot Writer helps you position yourself as a professional, in-demand writer.

Get Paid for Every Click!

Don’t like the idea of creating your own information product? Try promoting affiliate products and services that you recommend. You’ll earn a commission on every sale!

What Are You Selling?

Another great way to add income to your business is by creating information products to sell on your website. Learn what kinds of products you can promote.

Stay-at-Home Mom Making Big Strides in Her New Freelance Career

After three years, Melissa Weir was ready to get back to work … but this AWAI member was not ready to go back to a 9-to-5 office job.

Dan Kennedy’s Writing for Info Marketers Training and Certification Program: Enrollment Open for One Week Only!

AWAI is excited to announce that enrollment is open for million-dollar copywriter Dan Kennedy’s comprehensive program to prepare writers and copywriters specifically to work within the information marketing industry.

Build Your Own Freelance Website

AWAI’s popular, Build Your Freelance Website in Four Days Express Webinar Series is back with live training set to kick off March 17th. Learn more on how you can participate in this step-by-step training.

How Much is Your Opinion Worth?

Once your website is up and you’re booking clients, start adding services like consulting, site audits, etc. It’s a great way to bring in extra income.

12 Simple Tips for Working Less and Earning More

If you’re interested in working fewer hours — or increasing your hourly rate — use these tips from Christina Gillick to maximize your working hours.

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