November 2014

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Finding Your Niche … and Beyond

Niches are well-defined parts of the vast world of copywriting, and almost every product fits into a specific niche, where it could be sold through direct-marketing.

How to Get Your Foot in the Door with Clients

Not having clients is only a problem if you’re not doing anything to land them. First, you need to understand the four main goals you want to accomplish.

5 Days to Your First Client: How to Find the Lowest-Hanging Fruit…

Jay White finishes up his 5-day series by showing you where to send your prospecting emails and how to pinpoint clients with the best chance of hiring you.

5 Days to Your First Client: How to Email Your Way to a Copywriting Gig…

Learn the four main elements to focus on when crafting a client prospecting email. Leading email copywriter Jay White presents a simple template to follow.

B2B Companies on YouTube Means Client Work for You

B2B companies are starting to discover the benefits of using YouTube. Mac Bull explains the pros and cons of YouTube and the opportunities for freelancers.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Steve Coombes

For this father of seven, finding flexibility and a full income was top priority. Read on to find out how Steve Coombes found his big break as a copywriter.

5 Days to Your First Client: My Sneaky Little 2-Word Subject Line Trick…

This simple subject-line strategy works like gangbusters to get your prospecting emails opened, so you’ll have more opportunities for paid copywriting gigs.

The Give and Take of Web Writing

When you write web copy, it’s about more than writing conversational copy. It’s about actually joining in the online conversation. Find out what’s different.

5 Days to Your First Client: How to Pull Projects Out of Thin Air…

Jay White reveals the three key questions to ask yourself in order to ensure you’re the one-and-only choice for your potential client’s copywriting needs.

Why you shouldn’t want to quit your job…

To make positive, steady progress, you have to find positively-stated goals that get you where you want to be. Will Newman explains more here.

5 Days to Your First Client: 19,755 Potential Clients Looking for You…

Leading email copywriter Jay White explains the Reactive Marketing Method and how to leverage existing copywriter-wanted ads to land the best writing gigs.

Live: The Barefoot Writer November Issue

The November Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

Buckle Your Seatbelts: Transitions Can Get a Little Bumpy!

As you proceed through any business transition, you’ll likely experience bumps, some bigger than others. Here’s what to do if you encounter a rough patch.

Big Transitions Require a Leap of Faith

Big transitions don’t come with a roadmap. They often require a leap of faith that can be scary. Ed Gandia shares what he learned about the growth process.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Mindy McHorse

For some, it’s a bad boss that pushes them to look for a new opportunity. Or a long commute. Or unfulfilling work. For Mindy McHorse, it was all three. Read on to learn how Mindy went from corporate refugee to six-figure copywriter.

Are Start-Up Companies Good Prospects or a Waste of Time?

Start-up companies are an untapped resource for B2B copywriters. They can help you start or grow your business — as long as you avoid a common pitfall.

This AWAI Member Heads South for the Winter … and Takes Her Freelance Career with Her

Diane Young's writing skills allow her to live the writer's life from wherever she likes. She's off to Mexico for the winter, and already has a writing gig lined up there!

Looking Inward for Copywriting Success

Bootcamp Spec Challenge winner Scott Martin has experienced great success, including generating millions of dollars of sales for his clients! Read his story here.

Transitions Can’t Be Rushed

Change can take a long time and often involves very small steps, so you may feel like you’re not moving forward. That’s why it helps to track your progress.

Three Winning Strategies from the ‘Giants’ of Social Media

The San Francisco Giants aren’t just on top of baseball. They’re also on top of social media. Learn 3 proven strategies you can learn from their success.

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