November 2014

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Pick a Niche in 3 Hours (or Less!)

Having trouble choosing a niche that’s profitable with tons of opportunity? Join Pam Foster on Nov. 12 for a live, unique, niche-choosing training session.

Transitions Require Time and Space, So You Can Think

As Dianna Huff explains, when in a transition, you need to create time and space for reflection, so you can begin to hear your inner voice.

Business Transitions: The Bumpy, Scary, Thrilling Path to Self-Discovery

As marketing consultant Dianna Huff explains, personal and business transitions can be complex, because they often put us on a path of self-discovery.

Clayton Says, “Everything You Know is Becoming Obsolete…”

Here Clayton Makepeace shows you how to protect yourself from falling into the “what used to work” trap.

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