August 2015

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Why Travel Writing Opens the Door to Countless Writing Opportunities

If you’d like to be a travel writer but don’t want to limit yourself in opportunity, discover how travel writing opens more doors than you’d think.

Three Times You Should Say No to New Work

Reaching the point where you have so much work you need to start saying no to clients is a good space. But it takes some navigation. Here are tips to help.

5-Step Plan to Landing a Paid Writing Assignment

Writing something as simple as a spec assignment could be your ticket to breaking into the writing niche of your dreams. These five steps show you how.

One of the Easiest Ways Ever to Build Your Writer’s Portfolio and Get Noticed Online

If you’re interested in getting a paid writing career up and running, you’ll want to know about this easy, low-pressure way to build an online writing portfolio.

Review AWAI’s Newly Updated Pro Resume Writer Program

We’re excited to announce the latest update to our Pro Resume Writer program! Click here for details and to get started today.

Why Travel Writing Is a Quick and Easy Way to Launch Your Writing Career

If you’d like to enjoy life as a paid writer, travel writing might be the best (and easiest!) way to get your career off the ground. Read on to learn why.

How “What Do You Think About It?” Can Make You a Better Copywriter

If you want your prospect to buy, support, subscribe or act, you can’t expect him to act simply because you say so. You must provide proof. Here are four kinds of social proof you can use.

How to Win a Spec Challenge: 5 Tried-and-True Tips from Elizabeth Blessing … [video]

Spec challenges are a great way to connect with clients and land lucrative copywriting contracts. Here's a video with five powerful tips for succeeding with spec challenges.

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