September 2016

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Make Money Freelance Writing with Professional Writers’ Alliance

Join the Professional Writers’ Alliance at a deep discount today and get support to make money freelance writing.

Master Copy-Strengthening Secrets: Little Words that Make Your Copy Fat

Successful writing is lean writing — writing with all “fat” removed. Here are five strategies for putting your copy on a diet.

Empty Nester Turned Copywriter Finds Client on Facebook and Lands Full-Time Copywriting Job She Loves

After her children left home, Lisa Burger wanted to keep busy and make some extra income. With her new copywriting job she’s done that and then some.

Nothing Calms a Freelancer’s Mind More Than the Promise of a Monthly Retainer

Want to have the calmness a steady monthly income brings? You can if you follow social media expert Nick Usborne’s path to the writer's life.

6 Reasons to Use E-commerce Tools to Sell Your B2B Writing Services

Discover why clever freelancers have been using e-commerce tools in their businesses and how you can, too.

Better, Faster Writing Begins With This One Skill

Use these brain training tips to increase your focus and you’ll improve your ability to write faster without compromising quality.

If You Want a Reliable Income as a Writer, Go Where the Growth is

What can a notorious bank robber teach you about achieving the writer's life? More than you may imagine. Social media expert Nick Usborne explains.

Atlanta Father Trades Six-Figure Sales Job for Flexible, Six-Figure Freelance Career

Once Ed Gandia became a father it was time take make the change from being stuck in his corporate job to the flexibility and financial freedom of freelance copywriter.You can read about his whole journey here.

Be Sure to Respond Today if You Want My Help With Your Website

Every freelance professional needs the perfect website to promote their business...and Build Your Freelance Website provides a series of webinars to help you do just that. If you haven't signed up yet, today's your last day to save $200 off the cost of the program. Get all the details here!

Roadblocks or Bridges? Keeping These Crucial Copy Elements from Crushing Response

Strong subheads help your reader move easily through your copy. Learn a simple “cheat” to help you write subheads that do their job.

Freelance Success and an Ideal Writer’s Life … All From Building a Website!

For the last few days we've been telling you just how important it is too have a website to promote yourself as a freelancer. Check out the success it brought AWAI member Laura LaChappelle, and find out how you can get the training to create your own - now for $200 off!

Copywriting Clients Out of Mid-Air: How to Skip the Frustration and Start Getting More Gigs NOW

Here’s how you can put an end to the frustration of not getting enough clients to keep your writer’s life alive and well.

How to Use the Success Secret of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Google

Investing in yourself: The Success Secret of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Google, and one you should apply to your freelance writing business.

Free Webinar: Becoming a Copywriter

If you’ve been thinking about copywriting but still have some questions, you’ll want to check out this FREE webinar with Katie Yeakle and Sandy Franks.

Profit from Your Writer “Super Powers” & 5 Days of Giveaways!

The September Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

The Many Rewards of Online Freelance Work

AWAI member finds personal and career fulfillment through online freelance work.

Why Would You Want to Make Your Copy Look Uninviting? Here's a Simple Solution for Websites and Written Copy

Your prospect wants your copy to be easy to read. But she also wants it to look easy to read. There's a simple solution for your written copy and your websites.

Breaking News … Bootcamp 2016 Has Officially Sold Out

Bootcamp is officially sold out - but if you add your name to the waitlist today, there's still a good chance you can make it to this career changing event and your shot at the writer’s life.

Your Important Task for the Long Weekend…

Having a website to promote your freelance business is crucial, and creating one is easier than you think - in fact, it's a project you can tackle over the holiday weekend. And right now you can save $200 on AWAI's Build Your Freelance Website in Four Days. Get all the details here!

Are These Writer’s Website Mistakes Killing Your Career?

Your freelance writer’s website is a “billboard” advertising your skills. Is your billboard attractive and professional? Or does it signal you’re not professional?

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