June 2017

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Three Ways You Can Generate Passive Income — All from a Website You Write Yourself

Nick Usborne spends a few hours a week writing about a topic he’s passionate about. In return, he generates passive income 3 ways — without a single client.

You CAN Find the Time You Need to Reach Your Goals [video]

In order to reach our goals, it's often necessary to set priorities and manage time. Take a moment to hear this special message from Ted Capshaw - who is both a father and coach, and no stranger to achieving goals and helping others do the same.

Do You Need a Formal English Education to be a Copywriter?

If you're new to copywriting - or AWAI - you may be wondering if you need to have a formal education or background in writing. Find out what Nick Usborne has to say in this video here.

How to Make Good Money as a Writer WITHOUT Having to Beg for Work

Nick Usborne found a way to write for pleasure and make good money month after month — whether he’s working or not. Learn how you can do it too!

Becoming a Freelance Writer: The 7 Worst Things That Can Happen

What’s holding you back from becoming a freelance writer? Learn how to confront your fears and make a living as a paid professional copywriter.

4 Reasons Clients Look for a Freelance Copywriter

Steve Slaunwhite reveals the four reasons clients look for a freelance copywriter and how you can use this information to land more clients.

A 9-Step System for Using Facebook for Self Promotion

Facebook Live: learn how to use this social media tool to build your web-writing business by producing consistently good videos for your audience.

5 Strategic Goals for Your Email Marketing Newsletter

An email newsletter is the ideal marketing tool for copywriters. It’s a great sample of your work and keeps you top of mind with prospective clients.

How to Avoid the Rookie Copywriting Business Mistake that Will Keep You a Rookie Forever

When building a writing business, identifying the “what not to dos,” is just as important as the “what to dos.” Learn to avoid a mistake many writers make.

12 Ways to Work a Room and Land More Writing Assignments

You’ve heard it before, you can get clients by attending networking events. And if you use these 12 tips for working the room, you’ll make it worthwhile.

Even More Help to Build Your Writing Business

The new and improved Professional Writers’ Alliance is designed to make it easier than ever to build your freelance writing business.

Makepeace Mastermind Alliance: How to Write No-Nonsense “Tough Guy Copy”

There’s a no-nonsense approach to copywriting that’s not often used. Clayton calls it “tough guy copy” … gritty but not insulting. Learn more …

How to Launch a Successful Writing Business in Just 30 Days! [video]

Rebecca Matter has come up with a way to get you everything you need in under 30 days. Check out her video to learn more.

The Zeigarnik Effect: Finish What You’ve Started

If you’ve started and stopped projects or worked toward a goal and never finished, you’re not alone! Now it’s time to finish what you started. Learn how.

6 Tips for Prospecting with Direct Mail

Land more clients when you use these six tips for prospecting with direct mail.

How to Let Go of Your Limiting Beliefs

Letting go of what’s holding you back is hard. Discover a 7-step process you can use to let go of limiting beliefs and start building the life you’d like.

Improving Time on Site Metrics for Your Clients

Digital marketers are almost always happy about improving time on site metrics. Learn 3 ways you can deliver this result and more sign ups, too.

5 Ways Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back from Copywriting Success

What you believe can have a huge impact on your copywriting success. Learn five ways limiting beliefs could be secretly holding you back from your dreams.

Why You Must Have Accountability Partners If You’re Serious about Copywriting Success

Will Newman offers a view of how AWAI accountability partnerships help copywriters through the various stages of their journey to the writer's life.

Accountability Groups Are Stoopid

Provocative copywriter Ben Settle claims accountability groups are “stoopid.” And there’s one thing you need instead to achieve copywriting success.

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