May 2018

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Get It in Writing to Ensure Everything Runs Smoothly

A business reality is you can’t please everyone all the time. That’s why it helps to have processes in place to protect your interests. Follow this advice.

Enlist Our Top Pricing Expert as Your Virtual “Marketing Mentor”

Marketing Expert Ilise Benun has been helping freelancers for nearly 30 years. Check out some of the AWAI members she's influenced - and find out how you too can learn from Ilise with her Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects. Get all the details, and sign up today for a discount!

[VIDEO] Bootcamp Plan Pays Off with $12,500 and a New Client

AWAI Member Elizabeth Blessing shares her plan to attend Bootcamp and land work via successful Spec Assignments. Here’s her winning five-step plan.

Waiting to Take Action Can Be Costly: Mark These 3½ Days Off on Your Calendar Right Now

3½ days in October could dramatically change your copywriting career in the same way this scrap metal dealer changed his life when he bought a Faberge egg.

When Writing Opportunities Knock, Here’s How to Answer

Marketers posting job listings have an immediate need, and you may be the writer they’re looking for. Follow these tips for responding and land the work.

Member Takes on Ideal New Copywriting Job

After Bootcamp, Judith Culp Pearson was ready to take her career to the next level. Her next copywriting job helped her do just that.

Copywriting Work-at-Home Moms: From Legos to Letting Go

Living the writer's life can be a blessing - especially for a mom. Read here to see how these AWAI members combine writing with being a mom and how you can too!

On the Fence About Coming to Bootcamp? Hear How It Changed These Three Writers’ Lives … and Keeps Them Coming Back Year After Year

If you haven't signed up yet for this year's FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair, let these AWAI members show you how it changed their lives - and can change yours too!

He’s Helped Them Land Copywriting Jobs

Steve Slaunwhite knows B2B. And now he’s sharing all the details on a specialty in this niche that has plenty of high-paying copywriting jobs.

8 Reasons to Write Email Copy for B2B Companies

Business-to-Business (B2B) companies do a LOT of email marketing — creating big demand for writers. Steve Slaunwhite reveals 8 reasons it’s a terrific gig.

Practice Assignment: Write 83 Words of Online Copy

Practice is the best way to get started, and get better, as an online copywriter. Here’s the chance to do a practice assignment, using tips from a master.

How to Avoid the 5 Most Common B2B Buyer Turnoffs

In a recent survey, B2B buyers revealed what they like least about the B2B buying process. Here’s what you need to know.

B2B Writer Takes a 31-Day Article Challenge — And Lands a Client!

Setting personal goals is crucial for copywriting success. When B2B copywriter Tammy Powell set a goal for herself to write an article everyday for 31 days … she ended up landing a client before even making it to the end of the month! It was a meaningful experience for her in many ways. Read more about it - and find out how you can be a successful B2B writer too.

Join the Most Exclusive Team in B2B While Doors are Open

Being able to play for an iconic team - like the Yankees - would be an exclusive opportunity for any baseball player. And as a copywriter - you can be on an exclusive team too … B2B Writing Success! Join this team today - for just a $1, and be on your way to B2B copywriting success.

Leverage Your Product Knowledge as a B2B Copywriter

When you use what you know about a market on other projects, you’ll experience three key benefits. Leverage your product knowledge for faster success.

Bootcamp: The Most Transformative Industry Event

B2B expert Steve Slaunwhite has personally seen the transformation in aspiring copywriters who attend Bootcamp. Learn more about the event’s power here.

A 5-Step Deep Review Process for Stronger Writing

Do you use a deep review process to punch up your work, making it as strong as possible before you turn it in? Try this 5 step deep review process.

Discover the Easy-to-Do $500 Copywriting Job

With B2B email copywriting jobs the work is quick and easy and you’re well paid. Even better, this niche is very in-demand, so there’s no shortage of work.

The B2B Niche with High Pay and Plenty of Copywriting Jobs

A B2B veteran reveals a well paid and in-demand specialty within the B2B niche.

Get Paid to Write Emails for B2B (and Have Fun Doing It!)

B2B copy expert Steve Slaunwhite found a project you can complete in half a day — and command top fees for your writing. And it’s fun!

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