November 2020

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How to Build Your Confidence

If you want to move forward as a copywriter, you may be waiting to feel confident… But you may also need this to move forward. Here are three steps to help…

Using FAQs to Grow Site Traffic and Enhance the User Experience

Frequently Asked Questions can be strategically added to your site to bring in more traffic and improve user experience. Learn the best strategies…

Video: Why You Should Write for Chatbots (An Interview with Nick Usborne)

Chatbots are a new, powerful marketing channel. So new, most writers don’t understand the opportunity. Chatbot writing pioneer Nick Usborne answers questions in this informative video interview.

Companies Will Pay You $2,000 to Write These Scripts

More and more companies are using chatbots to enhance the customer experience. And it’s creating a huge demand for well-trained chatbot writers.

5 Short Writing Projects That Pay Big Dollars

If quick and easy writing projects are a good fit for your schedule and style, you’re in a great position to build a thriving business earning top dollar. These five short projects are the perfect place to start.

Are You the Right Personality Type for Chatbot Writing?

Chatbot writing could be a perfect fit for you, if you have the traits outlined here. Marketers are eager to use chatbots to generate sales, but they need more writers to get started in this new field.

Moving from In-Person to Online Marketing in 6 Questions

When you’re used to marketing face-to-face, this COVID-created online marketing world can seem daunting. But if you ask yourself these six questions, you’ll create an online marketing presence that will more than make up for those lost in-person events.

3 Things I Learned from Our First Group of Chatbot Copywriting Students

There are plenty of programmers to BUILD chatbots, but there’s a shortage of copywriters trained in how to WRITE chatbot scripts. Here are three insights for you to see if this new opportunity is for you.

A 5-Day Plan to Set Your 2021 Business Goals

January 2021 is coming up fast. With less than two months left in 2020, this five-step plan with help you set business goals for the next year.

How to Break Into B2B Email Copywriting

Writing email copy for B2B companies is an enormous opportunity for freelancers today. Just follow the step-by-step plan outlined by B2B Expert Steve Slaunwhite and you can do very well.

Why B2B Marketers Are Desperate for Copywriters With This Specific Skill

If you want to be a B2B copywriter, you must know how to write emails for clients

Everyday B2B Writing Prospects You’ve Probably Never Thought About

B2B is all around you. For any everyday activity you can think of, there are many B2B opportunities behind it. Here’s how to identify them… and what they mean to freelance writers.

Write 300 to 500 Words and Earn a $2,000 Payday

The beauty of writing scripts for chatbots is they are short (300 to 500 words). Yet writing these scripts can pay as much as $2,000, which is why chatbot writing gives you a path to a six-figure income.

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