Why Now Is NOT the Time to Put Your Freelance Health Writing Dreams on Hold!

Smiling freelancer writing on laptop on cafe terrace

What do Netflix … Microsoft … Trader Joe’s … and Sports Illustrated have to do with your freelance career?

Well these businesses — and many more — LAUNCHED during tough economic times and recessions!

They didn’t allow the naysayers to stop their dreams — and neither should you.

In Year 2 of this pandemic — businesses are still scrambling to get back on their feet again. But …

 … did you know there’s a group of folks who are weathering the storm and not getting caught up in the frenzy?

That’s because these folks are already accustomed to:

  • Self-quarantine — with no coworkers in sight!
  • Working from home — or ANYWHERE for that matter!
  • Ebbs and flows of income — and used to big paydays and lean weeks!

You know who I’m talking about? They’re called freelance writers!

And when the world was struggling … juggling how to work from home … getting laid off … or looking for a flexible schedule to handle home schooling — freelance copywriters had already mastered those skills! Let me tell you …

 … I’m sure glad I took the plunge to become a freelance writer more than 22 years ago!

It was perfect training for the past two years!

Everything was in place — even my Zoom account (even though I honestly didn’t know what it was or how to use it!).

My office was already set up in my basement. Phone calls with clients — instead of face-to-face meetings — became the norm. I kept people away from me during the day to prevent distractions. And my exercise was going outside for a run by myself.

See? Training!

What about you?

If you took the plunge into freelance copywriting — are you feeling good about that decision too?

Or are you kicking yourself even more for STILL sitting on the fence — and not jumping into the freelance life?

If it’s the latter — then NOW is the time to get your butt in gear! Because freelancing is probably now the MOST sought-after position in the world!

Why do I say this?

  • Businesses — who never even imagined or even poo-pooed freelancing or telecommuting — have FORCED their staff to work from home! And many don’t see a reason to make a change now …
  • Families are getting creative to find ways to now suddenly balance work … instant home schooling … and childcare …
  • It’s downright scary to “put all your eggs in one basket”! Overnight — “secure” jobs at “reputable” companies have disintegrated …
  • People are scrambling to hold on to their jobs — even if it means a financial sacrifice …

For example, my daughter’s friend had worked several years for a leading hotel chain. Within a week of the outbreak — her schedule was cut from 40 hours a week — to just 4 hours per week. She’s a single mom who had bills to pay and little savings. Talk about scary!

Freedom and Flexibility

On the other hand … when you’re a freelance copywriter — you have:

  • Freedom! To create your own schedule
  • Freedom! To choose your clients
  • Freedom! To take off and handle problems — without a dip in income
  • Freedom! To know that you STILL have a job — or jobs — because you work for many clients all over the world

Isn’t that the kind of freedom you’re looking for? And despite job closings and office and retail store shutdowns …

Copywriters are still in high demand!

Companies always need to generate revenue. They NEED new customers to bring life to their business. They need persuasive copy to sell their products and renew customers. And who’s going to deliver those goods?

Copywriters — that’s who! And think about this:

What do you think the effects of the pandemic had on the HEALTH market?

People have been:

  • Emptying out shelves looking for vitamins and supplements to fortify their immune system!
  • Swarming to the internet, searching for natural cures!
  • Buying health books … listening to health gurus … and looking for websites for guidance and directions!

And …

 … they’re buying … Buying … BUYING!

Health marketers are rushing to get NEW copy on their websites to give customers advice. They’re revving up their mailings and sending out NEW cover tests and sales letters to appeal to the needs of the market RIGHT NOW!

And little ‘ole me is plum tired!

I’ve been burning the midnight oil coming up with new headlines and leads to address the current health problems customers are facing.

And it ain’t going to be over for a L-O-N-G time because the pandemic aftermath, combined with an aging population, means health writers will stay in high demand for a L-O-N-G time!

So are you listening to me? A HUGE opportunity awaits you. In these crazy times — Health is Wealth! So get going!

Do it — Don’t wait.

Crazy things can happen down the road — You never know.

  • You may be out of a job — because your company folds …
  • You may get sick — and can’t go into work …
  • You may get tired of the rat race — and want a calmer place to live …

Whatever your reason — you’ve got options as a freelance writer!

So if you’re sitting on the fence — jump over it now — stop hemming and hawing about it! This is your chance — Carpe Diem!

And if you’re already a freelancer — kudos to you — KEEP your skills up. You’re about to get really busy! Plus …

 … You still control your own schedule … can GROW your income … and you have the freedom to take off when you want to help those less fortunate than you. Now — that’s priceless!

If you want to join me in the booming health market … now’s definitely the time. I can teach you my “crazy” system so you can get started as a health writer in as little as four weeks. Check out the details here.

And please — whatever you do — stay safe and as healthy as possible!

Do you have any questions about jumping into the booming health market? Let us know in the comments so we can get you the answers.

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Published: July 8, 2021

1 Response to “Why Now Is NOT the Time to Put Your Freelance Health Writing Dreams on Hold!”

  1. I got into B2B healthcare writing at the beginning of 2020.

    It hasn't been a profitable niche. Despite the amount of money in healthcare these days, it's hard to get these B2B clients to be interested in more than blogs, and even then the interest is lukewarm.

    But even though alternative healthcare is where the better projects are, I won't be investing in this course.

    There are plenty of AWAI materials already available on alternative health writing. Can't afford another Shiny Object.

    Guest (Alexander Lake)

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