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A quick way to get content that sells

In last month’s newsletter we talked about giving your audience a “last chance” to take advantage of an offer, product, or bonus.

AWAI has discovered by testing that using a two email campaign with a “last chance” as a second blast almost always doubles the response of the first mention. So I hope that you have given this technique a try and have experienced the same success!

But If you aren’t that far along in your business and struggling for content to send to your list or post on your blog, I have a few ways you can use the AWAI products you want to sell, to generate content for you, and start building a relationship with your audience.

Many of AWAI’s affiliate program members use a blog, rather than an e-newsletter model for reaching out to their audience. And while I will continue to quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) urge you to consider at least a hybrid of the two, I respect that success can be achieved in a variety of ways.

Having a blog or a newsletter has one big similarity – you need lots and lots of content to keep subscribers interested and to build the relationship where they “know, like, and trust” you that enables you to successfully and honestly recommend products.

Let the Products Do the Talking

So why not let the products themselves do the “talking”?

You can generate lots of relevant content that you can use to sell products by:

  • Reviewing the actual product you would like to sell and then posting your review or opinion of the product on your site. You can also include your affiliate link within the copy so you can generate sales. When you write your review, it is important to be honest and genuine and write from the perspective that solves a problem for you – and in turn the reader.
  • Reviewing the product and selecting individual tips, techniques, and “good to knows” from the body of the product. Then take those and expand each one into an article or blog post that you can then use to generate sales for the product by inserting your affiliate link.
  • Stringing those individual articles or blog posts into a series about the product and you will have content for months!

Yaro Starik, founder of and successful blogger and affiliate marketer himself says:

I’m convinced that reviews are the key for successful affiliate blogging because they offer a soft-sales pitch style of promotion. You provide value in the form of advice, people learn from your experience and you get paid for any referrals you make.”

Let’s use AWAI’s flagship course, the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting as an example.

One of the copywriting techniques included in the program is how to use the “bar-stool” test to evaluate your copy. That means that you write a piece of copy exactly like you would if you were having a conversation with someone in a bar and you were telling them all about the benefits of the product in question.

Why not use this one little gem and flesh it out into a full article or blog post that includes your affiliate link for the Copywriting program?

The structure of the article might be something like this:

  • Explain the concept of the “bar-stool test”
  • Give examples of what conversational writing vs. formal writing look like on the same paragraph of text
  • Demonstrate the benefit of writing this way with a real world example (probably found in the product itself)
  • Conclude your article with an editorial note that includes a link to the product. It might go something like “And if you are interested in how learning to write conversationally could translate to a big paycheck for you, check out AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting (this is where you use your affiliate link).

“A good review makes a few, but an archive full of great reviews can make you rich.”

- Yaro Starik

And then you can repeat that process with tip after tip that you find in the program itself. You are not only providing your audience with a great informational tip, but you are also giving them the opportunity to dig deeper by exposing them to the product. It is a win/win for them.

And don’t forget the value of building up an archive of great product reviews and article content. Affiliate marketing is a volume business and the more content you have archived on your site that draws in new visitors organically from a search engine like Google or Bing, the more often you are going to experience the “long-tail” of sales from your reviews and articles.

Take for example Brian Clark of www. He wrote a review for the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting quite a while ago and I am still seeing sales trickle in each and every month. It can happen for you too!

So this month my challenge to you is to pick one product you want to promote and really dive in. Dig through the product and post a review or pull out one of those “golden nuggets” that you can use to promote the product yourself.

Remember, one of the benefits of being an affiliate is that you get to review any product you want to promote for free. Just send me a note and I will get you all set up with a review copy.

And as always, I am here to help you so please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, copy requests or anything else you may need by sending an email to

To a profitable partnership,

Jessica Kurrle
American Writers & Artists Institute

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Published: June 30, 2012