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June 2013

Marketing – What’s Your Point?

Heather Robson helps you steer your marketing efforts in a more fruitful direction.

You Never Know Who's Watching...

Will Newman explains why it is so important to treat every writing assignment as a paid assignment.

Use Email Marketing to Effortlessly Follow Up With Potential Clients

Christina Gillick explains the vast benefits having an email list can give a freelance copywriter, and how you can reap the rewards of your own list.

"Cut to the Chase" Copywriting

If you don’t like reading – or more important writing – long form copy, Will Newman has good news for you and your copywriting career.

How to Create Content That Will Have Your Audience Sharing - Without Even Thinking Twice

If you're writing content for social media, the goal is to write stuff that will be shared. Kellie Craft delves into what makes content "shareable."

The 'No Rules Rule'

Will Newman explains when it's OK to break this one cardinal rule.

5 Myths of Social Media

Jen Philips April explores the 5 most common (and damaging) myths about social media and uncover what the truth really is.

Match Rockets, Pencil Lead, Light Bulbs, and Copywriting Success

Will Newman finds inspiration in a middle school classroom, and passes it on to you.