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14 Tips Copywriters Can Learn from Professional Storytellers

John Forde shows how the art of storytelling can make your copy stronger.

5 Shockingly Simple Ways to Influence Your Buyer

John Forde reveals five simple persuasive tools that can boost your sales.

Seven Ways to Encourage Better Copy Critiques

John Forde gives you seven strategies to get more out of every copy critique.

How to Turn Your Pile of Research into a Seamless Promotional Package

John Forde shares how to integrate your research into your package.

Quick Tip: The Real Meaning of "Good Writing"

John Forde reveals a powerful secret that will help you become a better writer.

9 Power-Proofreading Tips for Sales Copy

John Forde shares 9 ways to be sure you catch the mistakes in your copy before handing it in.

Body (Copy) Language: Six Accidental Messages Copywriters Send

John Forde reveals six mistakes that copywriters make in the body of their sales packages.

How Close is Too Close for Copy?

John Forde shares strategies for establishing the right level of connection and familiarity with your readers.

Secrets of a Master: How To Borrow Ideas Without Breaking the Law

John Forde shows how to use other people's ideas without breaking the law.

Secrets of a Master: How to Write a Promo “Overnight”

John Forde gets Don Mahoney to spill his best productivity secrets.

Secrets of a Master: Brainstorming for One

John Forde shows you how to get ideas flowing for your next promotion.

Secrets of a Master: “Wannabe” vs. “Have-To-Be”: The Difference Between Copy That Works and Copy That Doesn't

John Forde shows you how a difference in your approach can cause your next package to succeed or fail.

How to Write Better Copy by Being Honest

Michael Masterson and John Forde on the importance of being honest in your copy.

Secrets of a Master: Features and Benefits Made Eas(ier)

John Forde makes it easy to tell the difference between features and benefits.

12 Ways to Use Lift Notes to Boost Response

John Forde gives you 12 strategies you can use to write better lift notes.

Is Procrastination Interfering With Your Goal to Be a Top Copywriter? Take This Test

Take this test to find out if procrastination is interfering with your success.

Secrets of a Master: How to Write Guarantees That "Guarantee" You a Winning Package

John Forde shares secrets to writing better guarantees that boost response.

Direct Mail “Definitions”

John Forde gives you definitions (real ones and funny ones) for common direct response marketing terms.

Quick Tip: Headlines

John Forde discusses the importance of honesty in your headlines.

Secrets of a Master: “The Secret of the ‘Naïve’ Narrator”

John Forde shares how you can use the “naïve narrator” technique to connect with your readers.

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