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Words of Copywriting Wisdom … Using Online Pages to Support Offline Efforts …

Rebecca McEldowney explains why it's important to use online efforts to support your direct mail promotions.

Where does 1 + 1 = 10?

AWAI Vice President Rebecca McEldowney explains yet another benefit of copywriting for the catalog market.

Calling All Writers … Tell Me Your Story

Rebecca McEldowney asks all writers to send their stories.

How to Make Money on Your Writing While You Sleep

An interview with Gary Scott reveals the secrets to making money at self-publishing.

Your Next Project Awaits at

Rebecca McEldowney announces the launching of the new and improved

It’s Good to Know …

A quick fundraising tip from Rebecca McEldowney.

Attention Aspiring Financial Copywriters: Advice from Four Seasoned Financial Copywriters

Four master copywriters in the financial industry share their advice.

Quick Tip: Become a “Techie” in an Afternoon

Rebecca McEldowney shows you how to quickly become an “expert” in any B2B industry.

Breaking Into B2B with Steve Slaunwhite, Part 1

In an interview, master B2B copywriter Steve Slaunwhite shares success tips for this niche.

Quick Tip: The Fastest Way to Know Your Prospect

Rebecca McEldowney gives you a better way to research your health copy.

AWAI’S Bookclub: What We’re Reading Now

Rebecca McEldowney talks about the current book being read by AWAI's book club.

Land More Clients with a Strong Personal USP

Rebecca McEldowney reveals how a personal USP can help you land more clients.

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