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Alternative Health Saves AWAI Member’s Son and Launches Successful Copywriting Career

Alternative Health not only saved Eileen Coale’s son’s life, but also helped her find her passion. Learn how you, too, can become a successful writer for the health market.

6 Ways to Overcome Your Reader’s Skepticism

Discover six strategies to relieve doubts among health prospects.

Bruce Eichelberger Shares His Secrets for Connecting with an Audience

AWAI trained copywriter shows you how to connect with your audience when writing for the health market.

An Interview with Alternative Health Copywriter Donna Doyle

Alternative health copywriter Donna Doyle gives advice on landing assignments and writing successful promotions.

Top 15 Mailers in the Health Market

Discover the names and websites of fifteen top mailers in the health industry.

Prospect-Centric Copy is What the Doctor Ordered

Target Marketing's Hallie Mummert weighs in on how making your copy prospect-centric will get you better results.

Industry Spotlight: Health

Find out about trends and statistics in the health writing market.

Exercise Products: 4 Ways to Overcome Your Prospect’s Objections

Heather Robson gives you four strategies to overcome objections in health and fitness promotions.

Fitness Guru Matthew Furey Gives You the Secrets to His Success

In an interview, fitness expert Matthew Furey shows how direct response marketing works to build an exercise business.

Dr. Sears Reveals the Challenges of Writing for the Exercise Industry … And How to Overcome Them

PACE program creator, Dr. Sears shares what challenges face a copywriter in the exercise industry and gives strategies for success.

Industry Spotlight: Exercise

Find out about trends and statistics in the exercise market.

3 Powerful Ways to Get Your Prospect Ready to Listen

Heather Robson reveals three tips for establishing trust with your audience when writing a health supplement promotion.

Alan Serinsky on Writing Great Copy for Supplements

Alan Serinsky shares his tips for writing great copy to sell supplements in the alternative health market.

Jeff McGeary on the Challenges and Rewards of Writing Great Copy for Supplements

In an interview, Jeff McGreary shares secrets for successful copywriting in the supplement industry.

Industry Spotlight: Health Supplements

Find out about trends and statistics in the health supplements market.

Quick Tip: The Fastest Way to Know Your Prospect

Rebecca McEldowney gives you a better way to research your health copy.

Secrets That Helped AWAI Member Nina Camp Achieve a Six-Figure Income

An AWAI member shares how she grew her copywriting career into a six-figure income.

Michael Masterson Talks to Arthur Johnson About Writing for the Alternative Health Market

Michael Masterson interviews Arthur Johnson about writing for the alternative health market.

The Surprising Secret to Unbeatable Success in the Health Market, Part 2

Karen Reddel provides more tips on writing successful health promotions.

The Surprising Secret to Unbeatable Success in the Health Market, Part 1

Successful health copywriter Karen Reddel gives you valuable insights into FDA regulations as the apply to health promotions.

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