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A Lesson in How Little Observations Can Become the Backbone of a Great Idea

At its heart, copywriting is about turning ideas into winning promotions. That’s why you should never limit the sources you use to come up with ideas.

The Secret Advantage that Separates “A-List” Copywriters from Ordinary Writers

There’s really only one secret for climbing the ranks to “A-list” copywriter: You have to master the skill of coming up with good ideas

A Groundbreaking Moment for AWAI’s Annual Copywriting Bootcamp

Don’t agonize over studying winning sales letters when the experts are ready and willing to give you all the help you need.

How to Tell the Difference Between Good Sales Copy and Bad Sales Copy

Using this “A-list” proven 12-point copywriting checklist will help you write winning sales copy every time.

A New Way to Think About a 56-Year-Old Marketing Principle

Start thinking like a marketer and you are bound to write more winning sales letters and get paid more money too.

Become a Fearless Copywriter: Give Yourself an Edge Using the Russian Goulash Method of Copywriting

Becoming a fearless copywriter is like making Russian goulash… you just have to keep at it until the words flow like magic.

How to Use the Success Secret of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Google

Investing in yourself: The Success Secret of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Google, and one you should apply to your freelance writing business.

This Winning Copywriting Formula Starts by Asking Intriguing Questions

Asking intriguing questions around facts you uncover from your research could lead to millions in sales.

Mega-Best-Selling Author Reveals Secret of Getting Started as a Writer

To be a great, go-to copywriter, you can never stop learning about copywriting. It’s a never-ending process.

Always Do the Work Needed to Get Testimonials for Your Sales Letter

Testimonials are often neglected, but they are like word-of- mouth advertising and help you get the sale.

Why Not Having Testimonials in Your Sales Letter Could Hijack Response

To overcome the prospect’s natural skepticism, inject a dose of credibility into your sales message using the power of testimonials.

Why Copywriting is the Best Freelance Career and Why You Should Become a Copywriter Now

Forbes ranked copywriting as the best freelance career worth quitting your job… Here’s why that is true.

Copywriters Have it Easy; Regular Writers Have it Hard...Here’s Why

Beloved A-list copywriter with 4 decades of experience explains why regular freelance writing is more difficult than achieving success as a copywriter.

Why You Can’t Rush Your Success as a GREAT Copywriter

Becoming a GREAT copywriter is possible if you put in the time. But it doesn’t happen overnight… it takes patience, persistence, and perspiration.

The "Rogues Gallery" Secret for Writing Emails People Eagerly Look Forward to Reading and Buying From

The more you dramatize problems the prospect suffers, the more valuable the product you are selling becomes. Here’s the simple way to make your product the hero.

Here’s How to Make Sure Your Copy Passes the Perry Mason Test

Proof is one of the most crucial elements in good copy. Here are eight techniques you can use to prove your case beyond any reasonable doubt.

Don’t Ignore Networking, Instead Use the Fabergé Method

How expanding your network of clients works like the Fabergé Organics shampoo commercial: One person tells another and so on and on.

The Magic Formula Behind All Great Sales Letters

As a copywriter, it’s critical you know the magic formula behind all great sales letters.

The $93 Million Writing Method

Use this 7-point system to advance your career and become a better copywriter.

The Copywriting Method That Works Every Time

In copywriting, hands-down one of the best ways to sell a product is telling a story.

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