Brian E. Whitaker

Articles by Brian E. Whitaker

A Corporate Copywriting Breakthrough

Brian E. Whitaker shows you how to break into the corporate copywriting world by building your confidence, reaching out, and being creative in your networking.

Finding the Best B2B Prospects at a Fortune 500 Company

Brian E. Whitaker outlines his best tips for finding the best B2B prospects at a Fortune 500 Company.

The Secret Upside of B2B Copywriting

Brian E. Whitaker defines the three audiences a B2B copywriter has to address to be a truly great copywriter.

What’s Your Essential Quality?

Brian Whitaker outlines the benefits of marketing a business on a personal, essential quality.

Breaking the Ice: Using LinkedIn to Connect to B2B Marketers

Brian E. Whitaker explains how to use LinkedIn to connect with potential B2B clients.

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