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Scoring Copy and Singing With Champs

Gary Hennerberg shares how singing competitively has taught him to improve his copywriting by working harder.

The Business of Copywriting

Gary Hennerberg explains how business sense will catapult you to six figure copywriter.

Their Best Offer Yet! Only $11.72 a Minute to Swim With the Dolphins

Gary Hennerberg shows how to make sure your offer is compelling.

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How to Respond Successfully to Spec Challenges, Part 1

Gary Hennerberg's bootcamp secrets for spec assignment success whether you are a new copywriter or just trying to break into a new niche.

60 Writers Make a Quantum Leap to Success. Will You Be One?

How much could you benefit if you had individual attention from a copywriting mentor guiding your writing? Member Steve Maurer tells how he’s benefited.

How to Become a Valuable Asset and Go-To Writer: 5 Tips to Ensure Ongoing Work

Steve Roller shares the five things you can do right now to ensure you are seen as a valuable asset and ensure ongoing work.

How to Respond Successfully to Spec Challenges, Part 2

Gary Hennerberg discusses why you should take spec assignments and how you can make the most of them.

Move Over Genghis Khan: How to Be Ruthless With Your Copy and Beat It Into an “A-Level” Masterpiece

Gary Hennerberg has developed a process that helped him beat one of his client’s 8-year-long controls by 60%! Learn what makes Gary’s copy so successful.

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