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Strategies for Handling a Client’s Employment Gaps

AWAI Board of Advisor and Resume Writers, Julien Sharp’s strategies for handling a client’s employment gaps.

How to Turn Every Situation Into a Marketing Opportunity … and Spend Fewer Ad Dollars to Land More Clients

Julien Sharp explains how you can turn every situation into a marketing opportunity and spend fewer ad dollars to land more clients.

Work at Home as a Resume Writer [video]

Professional Resume Writer Julien Sharp shares how you can work from home as a resume writer and use the skills you have to help fill the demand for this much-needed writing service.

Resumes for Career Changers: How to Turn a Big Transition Into Cash

Julien Sharp explains how one of the most lucrative, interesting – and challenging – resume opportunities lies in writing for clients who want to switch careers.

Concrete and Quantifiable: Show an Employer How Your Client Can Help Make – Or Save – Him Money

Julien Sharp explains how to show an employer how your client will improve their business.

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The First of My Top 3 Spare Time Biz Opps for 2010

Find out why resume writing is a great opportunity for the current economic climate and how to get your resume business going right now.

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There May Never Be a Better Time to Start Your Own Resume-Writing “Calling”

You can become a successful resume writer simply by following the right proven program.

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