Li Vasquez-Noone

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Shut Down Negative Thinking and Watch The Writer’s Life Unfold

Li Vasquez-Noone offers five ways to eliminate self-doubt as you seek the writer’s life.

Write a Novel in 30 Days Without Losing Your Sanity

Li Vasquez-Noone highlights a writing challenge that will strengthen your writing habits and skills.

Are These Three Myths Stopping You from Building Your Freelance Website?

“I don’t need a website until I get clients.” Sound familiar? This — and two other myths — can block you from achieving the writer's life.

Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompt: Solve a Problem [video]

Murphy’s Law says ‘Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.’ And, it seems to happen most often on vacation or away from home. These events trigger emotions. Learning how to get past those emotions to solve the problem and then telling the whole story makes for strong copy.

Your Best Tool for Success: The Practice Principle

Practice makes perfect with just about everything … and also with writing. Practice every day and you’ll soon see how much your writing can improve.

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