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Hidden Secret of Successful Brochure Design

Mike Klassen shares tips for design successful brochures.

How Sending a Simple "Hello" E-Mail Led to a Speaking Invitation in Australia

Mike Klassen shares 6 tips that you can apply in your freelance business. Best of all, none will cost you any money.

Quick Tip: Free Publicity

Mike Klassen gives you two quick strategies for getting free publicity.

Quick Tip: Annual Reports Make Profitable Year-Round Gig

Mike Klassen shares how you can boost your income designing annual reports.

So You Worry That Companies With an In-House Designer Won’t Hire You? Don’t!

Mike Klassen shares why even companies with in-house designers might need your services.

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Interviews with Mike Klassen

Mike Klassen: Surround Yourself with Successful People

Mike Klassen built a very successful business and today shares with you the steps he recommends you take to find your own version of the writer’s life.

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Get Clients Without All the “Selling”

Mike Klassen discovered a way to have his phone ringing off the hook with clients. Learn how to become a valued resource to your clients bringing you a steady stream of work for years to come.

Bootcamp Success – And So It Begins …

Learn what to expect at AWAI’s Bootcamp from past attendees.

Choosing the Right Computer System, Part 5: Graphic Gadgets Demystified

Graphic design experts share their thoughts on graphic design gadgets.

Choosing the Right Computer, Part 4: The Printer

Get advice from graphic design experts on choosing the best printer to go with your computer.

Choosing the Right Computer, Part 3: Customizing Your System So It Works for You

Design Experts share the three most important configuration decisions – processor type and speed, memory (RAM), and hard drive space.

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