Pete Savage:
Feeding a Hungry Market

“If you want to get paid to write, being a copywriter is where it's at. The market is hungry for copywriters.”

– Pete Savage


PETE SAVAGE is the bestselling co-author of the Amazon #1 Business Bestseller, The Wealthy Freelancer (Penguin). He's a marketing consultant, speaker and seminar leader whose insights on business marketing and human motivation have been published by Marketing Profs, Early To Rise, the Canadian Professional Sales Association, The Rise to the Top, AWAI and dozens of other media outlets. Pete is a specialist in B2B marketing, with a client portfolio including RIM (makers of the BlackBerry), NCR, 3M, Motorola, Delta and dozens of small and medium businesses throughout North America. Through his consulting engagements and seminars, Pete Savage has helped dozens of corporations improve the results of their marketing efforts.

AWAI Programs by Pete Savage

B2B is Changing … Fast!
Are You Ready?

Microsoft forever changed the course of personal computing with Windows.

Google shook the Internet at its core with its search engine.

And now, a similar trend is emerging in B2B that could change the game forever …

This hot, rapidly-growing trend is online video, and if you’re a B2B copywriter, it can boost your income and your project load.

Online video lends itself perfectly to B2B. Mainly because of its ability to convey important information in a short amount of time.

As a result, B2B companies are paying close attention to this tool, and how it can help their sales and marketing efforts.

Expert B2B copywriter Pete Savage has put together a program that details everything he’s discovered so far about B2B online video scriptwriting.

It’s called How to Write Online Video Scripts for B2B Companies.

In it, you discover the same exact strategies and tips that Pete has been using to accelerate the sales process and earn the undying gratitude of his B2B clients … along with the project fees that go with it.

For starters, you’re going to learn about the different kinds of videos currently being produced by B2B companies.

Then, you’ll find out how to write the various types of video scripts that companies need, such as product demo scripts and video case studies.

You’ll also go over the seven fundamentals of effective online video scripts. Think of these fundamentals as your “pre-flight” checklist to ensure you write an effective and engaging script your clients will love, every single time.

You’ll be gaining secrets and insights like:

  • The single-most effective way to prevent viewers from “clicking off” your video and watching something else or going to another site — your clients will love you for this!
  • Why packing videos with THIS is a BIG “no-no” — believe me, your clients will try to get you to add this, but this program tells you what to do and say to prevent it.
  • One simple thing that’s essential to your success in this niche — without it, you’ll struggle every step of the way.
  • The 21 essential questions you need to ask a client before you even think about writing a B2B video script!
  • Think what you wrote looks good? Think again. Video is a whole different animal and you’ll need to do this one thing before you ever turn in your script to your clients …
  • How to pitch and land video projects from current AND new clients, including a seven-step seedplanting campaign.
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

If you want to capitalize on this growing trend — one that’s fun, easy, and incredibly effective — and take advantage of the significant income potential that goes along with it, order How to Write Online Video Scripts for B2B Companies today!

How to Write Online Video Scripts for B2B Companies: $497.00

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