Sandy Franks:
AWAI Senior Copy Chief


Sandy Franks has more than two decades of publishing, marketing and copywriting experience. She spent many years with Agora Inc., the world’s largest privately own newsletter publishing company where she climbed the ranks, starting as a marketing assistant and taking over the highly coveted publisher position of the Taipan Publishing Group. She retired from the company in 2015.

Sandy has hired and worked with a countless number of copywriters including the best of the best: Mike Palmer, Chip Biggs, Arthur Johnson, Paul Hollingshead, Bryan Bottarelli, and rising stars Blair Morse and Ted Leinbach to name a few. She’s also overseen numerous multi-million dollar campaigns and successfully launched a wide variety of products that are still in existence today.

In addition, she's worked along side well-known authors such as Dr. Atkins, Matthew Lesko, Larry Crane, Pamela Yellen, Addison Wiggins, and Bill Bonner. She co-authored two books published by John Wiley & Sons: Barbarians of Wealth and Barbarians of Oil.

Sandy now serves as Senior Copy Chief for AWAI.

She is also the founder of the Women’s Financial Alliance, a small publishing company she started with her husband and daughter. Several of her articles have been featured in USA Today, The Huffington Post, IndyStar, and StreetAuthority.

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