Sid Smith

Articles by Sid Smith

5 Tips for Greater Self-Confidence

Sid Smith shares 5 tips to help you gain the confidence you need when starting out in your copywriting career.

Use This Hidden Lead-Generation Device to WOW Your Web Clients

Sid Smith shows you a few things you need to know about writing for the search engines that will help you draw in targeted, qualified traffic, without having to pay a dime.

A Neat Trick for Fine-Tuning Website or Landing Page Copy and Design

Sid Smith shares a cool trick for fine-tuning your website or landing page copy that is sure to help the success of your copy and impress clients.

3 Things You Should Do Before Talking With A Web Copy Prospect

Sid Smith to share three things you should do before you talk with a web copy prospect to ensure you nail the project on your first try.

Seeking the Golden Client

Sid Smith discusses one challenge of the freelancer's career - getting clients - and how to overcome some common obstacles.

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