June 2018

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A Popular Bootcamp Goal: The Success Panel

The Member Success Panel is a fun annual tradition at Bootcamp. It’s also a great motivator for aspiring copywriters. Read why…

Why Are You a B2B Copywriter?

Do you have a good reason to be a B2B copywriter or a great reason? Here’s the difference…

How Much Money You Need to Spend to Be a Successful Copywriter

Looking for the amount you need to spend? Read on as Rebecca Matter gives the answer and dispels a big myth about copywriting success.

5 Simple Steps to a Lead Magnet That Pulls

In the early days of list building, people would subscribe to your list just to receive your e-newsletter. Nowadays, you need a lead magnet that pulls.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Melanie Rembrandt

Discover the elegant niche of writing that launched Melanie Rembrandt’s wildly successful career.

10 Places to Start Researching Your Next Copy Project

Successful promotions are built on rock-solid credibility. How do you build credibility? Start with research. Here are 10 tools to make research easier.

5 Things Copywriters Can Learn from Best-Selling Author Louis L’Amour

Following the formula of a successful writer can help you build your copywriting career faster and easier. Here are five tactics you can adopt today.

Copywriting: More Than The Writer’s Life — A Lifestyle

Copywriters live an enviable lifestyle ... living where they want, writing when they want, and getting paid well to do something they love. But the benefits go beyond the perks of income and freedom. Copywriters often experience other less obvious benefits too - something we call glicken. Circle of Success Member Bette Arnold is a great example. Read all about her experience, and the new benefits she's discovering come with being a copywriter!

Dozens of Emotional Trigger Words to Use in Sales Copy

If your sales copy isn’t pulling in the numbers your client needs, you might not be using the right kind of emotional trigger words. This list can help.

The Mysterious Bagnet — and Its Magical Powers for Attracting New Projects

Use this psychological theory to stay top of mind with prospects and clients. It’s simple to apply, and you could reap the benefits for a long time.

Copywriting Jobs Prove to Be the Ultimate Companion to an Acting Career

Robert Rice is pursuing an acting career in Hollywood. As he works his way up to stardom in Tinseltown, he uses copywriting jobs to support himself and sometimes even promote his projects.

Breakthrough Results Lead to Copywriter Success

How did Joshua Vickery achieve copywriting success? He created copy that lead to huge results for his client.

The Secret Weapon of Writers

The June Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

Win at The Writer’s Life by Defying Expectations

The road to the writer’s life can have a lot of twists and turns. Ryan Levesque’s certainly did! Use these three takeaways to help you forge your own path.

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