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How to Get Involved with the Info Marketing Niche

Dan Kennedy literally invented the modern info marketing industry. Learn how to make one idea, a million dollar business and all the opportunities that surround it!

The Secret World of Information Marketing

Information marketing is one of the most lucrative niches in copywriting right now. Learn how you can capitalize on this ever-growing industry.

The Most Dangerous Number for Freelancers

Cindy Cyr applies the old "eggs in one basket" adage to copywriting, and how diversity in certain areas can make or break a freelance business.

How to Turn One Client into Ten

Cindy Cyr uses some tips from Dan Kennedy to create a referral loop that will never leave her without clients. Read on to learn more.

How to Guarantee a Six Figure Income

Cindy Cyr shares a secret that many info-marketers Dan Kennedy has coached credit as the idea that gave them a huge financial breakthrough.

Create an Abundance of Clients Willing to Pay Top Fees, Automatically

Cindy Cyr explains how to create a situation in which prospects come to you, and you earn big bucks because of it.

Are You Cheating Yourself Out Of Income?

Cindy Cyr talks about why it’s important to not put off marketing yourself as a copywriter.

11 Rules to Avoid the "Getting Paid Freelance Blues"

Getting paid is a large part of your business's finances, and Cindy Cyr has some solid tips to make sure your income is stable.

Should You Spend, Save, or Be Thrifty?

Knowing when to spend and when to save is always a tough decision. Cindy Cyr has some tips to help you navigate those difficult waters.

Four Questions You Should Ask Before Making Your Next Business Purchase

Cindy Cyr has some tough questions you should ask yourself anytime you are spending money on your freelance business.

Four Tips for Reducing Financial Stress from your Freelance Business

Cindy Cyr demystifies your business's finances and makes keeping track of your finances an achievable goal.

Three Financial Management Tools that Make Managing Your Freelance Business Finances a Breeze

Cindy Cyr has some great programs to help make keeping your freelance business finances in order.

Are You Paying More Taxes Than You Need To?

Cindy Cyr helps you understand some different aspects of taxes as a freelance copywriter and where you can save some money.

How to Manage Your Clients Better to Maximize Your Earnings

Read on to discover Cindy Cyr's system for staying productive, on target, and on time.

One Thing ALL Highly Productive People Do

Cindy Cyr lays out some ways to create a system for your freelance copywriting career that will increase productivity, reduce work time, and make you more money.

So You Have a Prospective Client, Now What? How to Create a Follow-up System that Saves You Time and Frustration

Cindy Cyr gives you some tips on keeping that client on the line, and not losing a big bite.

Zig Ziglar’s Tip On How to Get Twice as Much Done In One Day

Cindy Cyr has some tips to help you increase productivity by treating every day like you are going on vacation.

Streamlining Auto-Industry Style to Get 2–4 Times More Done

The assembly line revolutionized industry, and Cindy Cyr shows you how to apply those principles to your copywriting business.

Thank God it’s Monday!

Care about your work, and it will show in the results. Cindy Cyr reminds us of why copywriting is something to be excited about.

Nine Ways to Raise Your Enthusiasm to Increase Productivity

If you need some help in the enthusiasm department, here are some tips from Cindy Cyr for getting excited about your work so you can get more done in less time.

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