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What's Your Sweet Spot?

Bob Sands has some guidance for those freelancers that embark on The Writer’s Life journey but don’t know where they are going.

Are You All Packed?

The Writer’s Life is a journey, and Bob Sands is here to make sure you've packed your bags properly for the adventure.

No Pain, No Gain!

Pain is a part of growth, and Bob Sands has some words of advice for dealing with your freelance "growing pains".

When Bad Things Happen to Good Days

Juggling your writing in the midst of a personal or family crisis is difficult at best. Bob Sands has some suggestions for getting back on the productivity track when "life happens."

Less Is More...

Finding what is helping and what is hurting your freelance business is something every copywriter would love to know. Bob Sands has some advice for figuring out what works and what doesn't.

If You Can Talk, You Can Write

Bob Sands learns the secrets of dictation, and tells you how they can help improve your copywriting.

Prospecting Is So Yesterday!

Bob Sands tells you how to get clients while avoiding the dreaded "cold calls".

Where Am I?

Found yourself a little lost on your way to the writer's life? Bob Sands is here to get you back on track.

Overcoming Fear

Bob Sands gives some advice on removing the fear of freelance copywriting.

It's About Time...

Time management is a huge deal in any job, but as Bob Sands describes, it can be integral to your freelance writing career.

On Not Being Good Enough...

Bob Sands is here to help you understand that rejection is a necessary part of the writer's life.

The Connection Factor

Keeping connected is a great way to keep your writing relevant. Bob Sands explains the importance of staying grounded.

It's All in How You Look at It

Bob Sands writes about the importance of keeping focus.

Walking the Tightrope

Bob Sands explains how preparation can help you keep your balance in the most difficult circumstances and keep your freelance career moving toward your ultimate goal.

The Most Important Investment of All

Bob Sands uses some tried and true techniques to get the most out of any seminar or lecture he attends. Here he shares some of those tips and tricks.

"Frankly, My Dear..."

Bob Sands explains the importance of keeping your story simple and to the point when writing copy.

The Best of Times and Worst of Times...

Write a great lead, and the rest will follow. Bob Sands has a great idea to create compelling storytelling leads.

"I Made Him an Offer He Couldn't Refuse"

Bob Sands tells you how to craft your story to convert your readers into buyers.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Story is one of the best ways to captivate readers. Bob Sands helps you mine your own history to find the great stories that are already inside you.

How to Use Story to Captivate and Connect with Any Audience

Bob Sands has a five-step process that will help the newbie or experienced writer put the power of story to work.

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