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An Inside Look at a Working Copywriter’s Journey

Get an inside look at working copywriter Rae Robinson’s journey from earning $12k a year to $120K … and how you can follow in her footsteps.

The Ultimate Gift You Could Give

Give yourself the ultimate gift this year, the writer’s life. The gift that so many others have already found. Do what you love, on your own terms…live the writer’s life.

Explore the World with the Writer’s Life

The writer’s life allows you to go wherever you want to go. Choose where you live, where you work, which projects you take – all while making a very comfortable living!

Giving Back with the Writer’s Life

Why do you love the writer’s life? Will Newman loves the freedom the lifestyle gives him. Having the time, energy, and financial freedom to give back is a huge benefit.

The Purpose-Driven Writer’s Life

Flexibility is one of the deeper benefits of the writer’s life. Having flexibility means doing what you need to do in emergency situations, like taking care of a loved one.

What The Writer’s Life Really Means…

The writer’s life has many benefits. Of course there’s the money…but some deeper benefits are flexibility, the ability to give back, and being able to travel as you please.

Meet Your Future “You”

Meet your “future you” at Bootcamp. Envision what your life will look like when you’ve reached your goals and you can really call yourself a freelance writer.

A Make-or-Break Moment...

You’ll meet tons of marketers at Job Fair. And you’ll have the chance to write on spec for them. Many writers end up landing huge clients, so make sure to prepare well!

6 “First-Timer” Tips for a Successful Job Fair

Bootcamp 2013 is right around the corner! Are you ready? Rae Robinson has put together 6 first-timer tips for making the most out of job fair this year!

Prepare to Dig into the Gold Mines

The speakers at Bootcamp this year are truly amazing! And they’re there to answer any questions you may have, and are incredibly influential in helping you succeed.

Do This — Your Career Could Change Instantly!

Connect with the AWAI Staff at Bootcamp this year. They’ll help connect you with top copywriters, and answer any questions you may have about the writer’s life.

From $2,100 Per Month to $9,000+…

Relationships you form with fellow copywriters is invaluable to your success. Getting encouragement and inspiration from other writers is extremely helpful.

The Passion Test

Rae Robinson sits you down and asks a serious question: Which topic is your true passion?

How to Make Money with Your Website

Now that your topic list is considerably narrowed, Rae Robinson starts to get into how to make money with your website and which topics will work best.

Is There Anybody Else Out There?

Rae Robinson explains how to find out if there is any money in a niche, and whether it is a viable one to pursue.

The Formula for a Lucrative Niche

After creating a giant list of interesting topics, Rae Robinson narrows down that list to zero in on her money-making website topic.

The Magic Ingredient to a Passive Income

Rae Robinson starts the exciting journey of choosing a topic for her money -making website.

The Single Simplest—and Scariest—Thing You Can Do…

Rae Robinson tells you how to bust out award-winning copy, even when it’s the last thing you want to do.

Resolve Your Conflicts

Keeping your goals in line with each other can be harder than you think. Rae Robinson helps you figure out if your goals are sabotaging each other.

Is This Guilt-Trip Slowing You Down?

Rae Robinson wants you to put down the writing utensil, step away from the computer, an take a real day off.

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