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How to Change “Follow Up” to Friendship

Go beyond "following up" with potential clients and copywriting peers. You’ll be amazed who you come to count on as your closest writing companions.

What 5 Minutes a Day Can Do for Your Writing Career

Taking five minutes a day to do a genuine-but-small favor for someone else can go further than you think. Jen Adams explains why here.

How Can They Help When They Don’t Know?

Jen Adams shares how she used social media to make copywriting connections and promote her services.

Open Your Own Doors to New Opportunities

Casual conversation about your copywriting career can go a long way, so don’t be afraid to tell people about what you do!

Just Fix It Already!

Jen Adams points out how to make your writing better by understanding your reader’s major perceived problems in life and showing up with great solutions.

The Incredible Power of "If Only"

How can you find your prospect’s dreams, wishes, and ambitions? Jen Adams explains.

The Ties That Bind...

Jen Adams focuses on the power of relationships in your writing.

Zeroing In On Your Reader's Core Emotions

Jen Adams talks about the importance of understanding your reader’s feelings.

Understanding the "Voices" Within Your Audience

When you’re writing for others … and especially when you’re writing to persuade others … it’s absolutely critical that you connect with them in ways that resonate with their beliefs. Jen Adams helps you connect with your readers.

Your Own Leg Up...

Learn how to use list building in your freelance writing business and also to launch your own business or money-making website.

Come and See...

If you ask any marketer – they all want more traffic! Traffic is important to get new leads. Learn some of the easiest ways to get traffic as a freelance writer.

Won't You Share Your Name?

One of the best ways to grow your email list is to offer something of value in return – a special report, a case study, or tips on how to do something.

What's in a List?

List building is an essential skill to have as a direct-response copywriter. The more qualified prospects you have to market to, the more the company will grow.

How to Take Advantage of Google Hummingbird to Increase Your Value as a Web Writer

Jen Adams shows you how to tap into the newest Google trend toward rewarding quality writers … and turn your good reputation into serious cash.

Lessons from the Spirit of Christmas

Believe in your work. Charles Dickens’ publishers rejected his story, A Christmas Carol but he believed in it so much that he self-published and it was an instant hit.

A Second Chance at Christmas Memories

Sometimes copy needs to go though many stages of revisions before it’s a hit. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” has been revised many times.

The Christmas Hit That Almost Wasn't

Clement Moore wrote a Christmas poem for his children, and didn’t claim authorship for it for years because he thought it was “silly.” Always take credit for your work!

The Montgomery Ward Copywriter Who Changed Christmas

Robert May wrote the story of Rudolph while he was working as a copywriter. It was a promotional piece to give away to customers during the holidays.

4 Alternatives to Using Traditional Mailing List Data Cards

Jen Adams gives you four solid alternatives to using traditional mailing list data cards that will quickly give you more of the insights you need.

Be a Content Marketing Strategist

Be a content strategist instead of a content provider. Tie everything together and provide solutions to businesses that will help with their sales goals.

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