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Gordon Graham’s 3 Types of White Papers—for B2B

Gordon Graham explains how all white papers fall into 3 distinct “flavors”: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. Lean how to sell white papers to your B2B clients.

Why Bait Pieces Are Important for B2B Copywriters

Bait pieces present a huge opportunity for B2B copywriters. When used right, bait pieces are a great way to pull in leads. Are you capitalizing on this yet?

Writing E-Newsletters for B2B

Want to specialize in the B2B Copywriting industry? Consider e-newsletters … every business needs them and when done right your clients will be begging for more.

The Hiring Crew Like No Other

They're not other writers, connectors, inspirations, or even teachers – but many people say they are the lifeblood of our industry. Jen Adams fills you in on the people that will pay you big bucks for your copy.

Your Link Between Point A and Point B

Jen Adams talks about a unique group of influential writers and marketers who can dramatically change your copy career.

This Keeps You From Falling Down

Jen Adams tells you about how your Supporters will help you hold on to your progress as a writer and celebrate all of your achievements.

Learning Done Right

Jen Adams points out where to learn what to do to get good results for your clients.

It Only Takes a Spark

Finding inspiration is a big boost for any copywriter. Jen Adams explains how to keep inspiration around for easy use when needed.

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