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Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Steenie Harvey

The unmatchable wisdom and wit of travel writer Steenie Harvey.

A Flexible Schedule and Worldwide Travel with This Copywriting Job

Susanna Perkins has a fulfilling copywriting job helping others develop their websites… while creating her own successful online ventures.

Discover New Careers in Writing with these Tips

If you want to write about travel or food, be sure to get advice from this veteran writer, as she shows you how to break into unique careers in writing like these.

Going to France and Getting Paid

This up-and-coming travel writer has been published several times and is this much closer to her goal of full-time freelancing.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Kyle Wagner

Celebrated writer Kyle Wagner offers a glimpse into food writing and relaxed freelance living.

Discover a Side Writing Business that Brings Free Travel, Luxury Perks, and Paychecks

If you love to write and yearn for exotic travel, discover how you could be paid to visit exciting locations and enjoy unique experiences and luxury perks.

Freelance Writing Jobs That Pay You to Travel

As a travel writer, your freelance writing jobs could take you to every corner of the globe.

Why Travel Writing Is the Perfect Complement to Any Profitable Writing Career

If you’d like to make travel writing a long-term part of your writing career but still want to make a fantastic living as a writer, you can do both.

Why Travel Writing Opens the Door to Countless Writing Opportunities

If you’d like to be a travel writer but don’t want to limit yourself in opportunity, discover how travel writing opens more doors than you’d think.

5-Step Plan to Landing a Paid Writing Assignment

Writing something as simple as a spec assignment could be your ticket to breaking into the writing niche of your dreams. These five steps show you how.

One of the Easiest Ways Ever to Build Your Writer’s Portfolio and Get Noticed Online

If you’re interested in getting a paid writing career up and running, you’ll want to know about this easy, low-pressure way to build an online writing portfolio.

Why Travel Writing Is a Quick and Easy Way to Launch Your Writing Career

If you’d like to enjoy life as a paid writer, travel writing might be the best (and easiest!) way to get your career off the ground. Read on to learn why.

How to Earn a Full-Time Living as a Travel Blogger

Paula Pant tells the amazing story of Derek Earl Baron and his travel blogging lifestyle.

AWAI Across America: Destination – Bandon, Oregon

Christine Butler finds inspiration in the Bandon, Oregon art festival.

AWAI Across America: Destination — Winchester Bay, Oregon The Other City by the Bay

Christine Butler enjoys some time in Winchester Bay, Oregon to eat some crab, check out some dunes, and overall enjoy living the writer's life.

Free Teleconference: Master Copywriter (and Seasoned Travel Editor) Jennifer Stevens Wants to Give You an Inside Look at How You Can Easily Turn Your Copy Skills into Paid-for Vacations ... and Lots of Fun at Home, Too

Master Copywriter and Top Travel Writer, Jennifer Stevens sits down for a one-hour teleconference to talk about the opportunity of becoming a travel writer.

AWAI Across America: Destination — Seattle!

Christine Butler checks in this week with an update on the great success of the Seattle Meet-Up.

Taking Your Snapshots Straight to the Bank

Lori Allen shares how freelancers can profit from their snapshots by selling them as stock images.

Live Teleconference on Travel Writing with Jennifer Stevens

Master Copywriter and Top Travel Writer, Jennifer Stevens sits down for a one-hour teleconference to talk about the opportunity of becoming a travel writer.

Fish Funerals and Free Caribbean Vacations: The Joys of A Flexible Schedule

Jen Stevens explains how writing travel articles allow her to keep a flexible schedule, spend time with her kids, and enjoy certain perks when traveling the world.

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