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How an Oregon Salesman and Two Former Pastors Self-Published a Best-Selling Novel and Sold 750,000 Copies on a $300 Marketing Budget

AWAI staff writer Guillermo Rubio explains how self-promotion combined with a book that taps into the nation’s psyche, can result in a bestseller.

Quick Tip: Three Tips for Writing Better Information-Product Copy

Heather Robson shares three quick tips for writing better information product copy.

How to Make Money on Your Writing While You Sleep

An interview with Gary Scott reveals the secrets to making money at self-publishing.

Three Quick Tips for Writing Better Copy for Information Products

Discover three ways to write more successful copy for information products.

An Interview with Self-Publishing Expert Gary Scott

Gary Scott shows how you can make millions as a self-publisher.

Testing Tips to Make Your Magalog Matter

Hallie Mummert shares testing tips that can help you create a better magalog.

The Secret Qualities of Successful Information Products

Gary Scott has built a publishing empire and wants to share with you his 7 secret qualities that you can use to make more money using your learned copywriting skills.

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