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Go From Busy to Productive in 3 Easy Steps

Become more organized and more productive with these 3 great tips from Michele Peterson.

The Down-and-Dirty Checklist for Rocket-Fueled Content: 24 Elements That Will Make Your Content Blast Off and Orbit the Internet

If you follow The Down-and-Dirty Checklist for Rocket-Fueled Content by Chase Canyon, you’ll produce articles that are out of this world!

Balance Your Job with Your Freelance Career

If you’re in the process of building your freelance career and not quite ready to quit your steady paying job, here are some tips to negotiate with your employer.

Business Journaling … The Secret to Web Writing Success?

Business Journaling is a great tool to keep your web copywriting business organized. Keep track of projects, ideas, and client info with these tips!

The Human Brain: An Owner’s Manual

In this classic from Clayton’s The Total Package, Clayton Makepeace helps you become more productive. First published in 2010 … as relevant as ever today.

AWAI Member Finds the Perfect Work/Life Balance

The writer’s life doesn’t have to mean embracing a freelance career 100%. Many successful writers are actually part-time, like AWAI member Michelle Durham.

Setting Boundaries is a Crucial Step to Succeeding as a Writer

Mandy Marksteiner provides some great examples of where boundaries can help avoid catastrophe in a freelance career.

A Simple Solution for Really Focusing

Christina Gillick has a great trick to keep you focused and productive.

Eight Applications that Will Increase Your Productivity

John Wood focuses on eight applications that can save you “small leaks” of time throughout the day.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Days

Juggling your writing in the midst of a personal or family crisis is difficult at best. Bob Sands has some suggestions for getting back on the productivity track when "life happens."

Less Is More...

Finding what is helping and what is hurting your freelance business is something every copywriter would love to know. Bob Sands has some advice for figuring out what works and what doesn't.

When Your Demons of Disorganization Start to Win...

Will Newman takes a look at how vital being organized is for you as a copywriter … and when you’re learning the secrets of writing direct mail.

Hard or Easy?

Brian Whitaker experiments with self-talk and discusses discovering your fundamental truths.

Maximum Effort Transforms

Brian Whitaker experiences too many converging deadlines and discovers the output possibilities when you achieve flow.

Been There, Done That, but Not THIS Time!

Finding contacts for a mastermind group is just step one. Leanne Rumsey provides some guidance on how to keep the group moving forward.

Best Practices to Make Your Mastermind Group Work: What You and Michael Jordan Have in Common

Tanya MarCia gives you some great ideas to make your mastermind group a "dream team".

Eleven Ways to Enhance Your Productivity...

John Wood gives you 11 great ways to get more done in less time.

How to Take a Develop-cation …

Got a great idea that just needs some devoted time to flesh out? Heather Robson has the perfect way to get that new idea off the ground and running.

Why Busy-ness Is Not Good for Business

How you spend your time can be as important as how you spend your money. Michele Peterson has some tips for focusing your energies on the most profitable actions.

“It’s Your Summer of Money” Challenge Opportunity #2 Become a Publicist

“It’s Your Summer of Money” Challenge Opportunity #2 is one of the easiest ways to make money writing on the side with minimal effort. Two to four hours can translate into an extra $1,000 - $2,000 every month.

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