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Did California Ruin It for All Freelancer Copywriters?

Curious about the California AB-5 law, and what it means to freelancers? Let’s dig in …

How a Little White Lie Made This Copywriter $500,000 Richer

Sometimes we tell ourselves lies to feel better, but in this instance, copywriter Jon Stoltzfus’ little white lie made him $500,000 richer.

Networking Opportunity: No Velvet Rope to Hold You Back

Where some business events may keep presenters separated from attendees, there’s one event where there’s no limit to the networking opportunities.

Sorry, This Offer Ends Tonight at Midnight

You're almost out of time! Until midnight tonight you can save $700 when you register for the 2018 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair AND have monthly payments of just $224. Just like Jon Stoltzfus, this event can be a career changer for you too. Find out more and sign up here!

Mark Ford Interviews 2016 $10K Challenge Winner Jon Stoltzfus

AWAI member Jon Stoltzfus shares his experiences and insights that help lead him to becoming a $10K Challenge Winner.