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Big Risk Pays Off for Nebraska Copywriter

From AWAI, Roy Furr discovered there are real people making a good living with copywriting, and he decided to join them. Here’s how he did it…

Living Proof: How Roy Furr’s Sliver of Confidence Led to a Six Figure Income

The mistake many aspiring writers make is putting their passion for writing on the back burner. However, if you go after it, you’ll be surprised at the results.

AWAI Succeeds in Making the 2012 Event the “Best Bootcamp Ever!”

Roy Furr tells us why he can't miss this year's Bootcamp, and why you shouldn't either!

Roy Furr: How to Quickly Become the Best in Your Field

Roy Furr tells us about how his copywriting career has grown and shows you the steps he followed to get there.

An Easy, No-Pressure Way to Make Your Copy Sell More

Roy Furr shares how education is a powerful form of salesmanship.

How to Properly Invest in Yourself and Your Business

Rebecca Matter share how investing in yourself and your career can yield a huge return.

3 Reasons You Should Embrace Social Media Now

Christina Gillick shares the benefits freelancers can expect when they add social media to their specialties.

3 Big Bodacious Benefits of Niche Marketing Your Writing Business

Pam Foster shares how niche marketing can lead to big benefits for your writing business.

How to Channel Brain Overload Into Sizzlin'-Hot Copy

Steve Roller shares how an overload of ideas can be a good thing, and how to focus on the ones that have the potential to be your hottest copy.

Congratulations to AWAI’s Latest $10K Challenge Winner …

Last week at AWAI 2010 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp, copywriter Roy Furr was named AWAI’s Latest $10K Challenge Winner.

Unlock The Twitter Traffic Tempest – 5 Traffic-Getting Tactics For Your Money-Making Website

Roy Furr explains how to use Twitter to drive traffic to your money-making website.