In the next 5 years, several
thousand copywriters will catch
on to this red-hot niche —
but right now, only a handful
know the secret.

Wouldn't you like to be one of them?

Dear Writer,

A profitable niche … that's what AWAI writers tell me they want.

The problem is, most of them aren't looking in the right place.

Despite being a headline-making area of the U.S. market, there's a dire shortage of trained writers working in this niche.

In fact, many of the biggest publishers routinely tell me they just can't find enough writers for everything they want to promote.

One of them even complained about the shortage — on stage at last year's Bootcamp.

Her company — like every major firm in this niche — needs copywriters badly.

And with such a limited pool of qualified writers to choose from, they're paying top dollar for their copy.

It's not unusual for writers in this niche to quickly achieve six-figure incomes … especially when you factor in royalties.

  • Rae Robinson boosted her writing income from an average of $2,147 to more than $9,000 a month … and that's not counting the royalties she'll receive for her work.
  • A family of eight in New England? It takes a hefty income to make that work, but Steve Coombes was able to leave his corporate job behind and stay at home with his family thanks to this niche.
  • And Carline Anglade-Cole transformed herself from a $8-an-hour customer service representative into a globe-trotting A-list writer making $1,000,000+ a year, just by focusing on this one area.

What could happen for you?

There's no limit to the possibilities …

This niche may be “under the radar” for most writers right now, but the door is open to anyone interested in making a steady income working with clients who have virtually limitless copy needs.

So let me tell you a little more about how it works …

The Niche That Just Can't Get Enough

Katie Yeakle here, Executive Director of AWAI.

Every day, I hear from companies looking for good writers they can send their projects to ASAP.

Not in every niche — but with this one, it's a constant question.

“Do you have any writers who can do health copy?”

And I have to hesitate.

Because while I know plenty of health writers, they're full up with work. Some of the most successful health writers are booked out for months … sometimes even for a year or more in advance.

That may sound crazy to you if you're still working on getting your first client or struggling to build up a steady freelance business, but it's not unusual in this niche.

Think about it in terms of your own health.

If you're not feeling well, what do you do?

Do you look up your symptoms online and read everything you can while you try and decide if you're going to go to the doctor? Research home remedies? Check out any vitamins you should take to make it all go away?

I certainly do. In fact, so many people research health issues online that Google partners with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to monitor disease outbreaks since Google can spot them first from the sudden spike in search terms.

"I know many of the top health writers in the country. They are all busy, and rates vary from $15,000 to $20,000 and even $25,000 a project — not to mention royalties."

Don Mahoney,
former owner Chesapeake Nutraceuticals

And every web result found was written by someone … often someone who was paid very well for their services.

But when you consider the health market, you can't just think in terms of obvious illness and disease issues.

Think about pain management. Weight loss. Mental health. Childcare. Vision. Digestion. Vitamins and health supplements. Pills to enhance “performance.” Yoga. Acupuncture and other forms of Chinese medicine …

All major health topics. Each one of them covered by thousands of pages of health copy in the form of articles, blog posts, and special reports. Many of them related to products that need sales letters, magalogs, and video scripts.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg … almost any health-related issue you can imagine can turn into enough work to keep you busy for your entire career … all while having a truly comfortable writer's life.

How Poop Turned Into Big Bucks

You don't need to look further for proof of this than Carline Anglade-Cole … a woman who's made a large part of her copywriting fortune from poop.

She got involved with a series of projects related to digestive parasites and constipation issues. Maybe not for everyone, but it was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to Carline.

“People made fun of me because of all this talk about poop, but I was like, 'Hey, this poop is paying the bills!'” she says. Actually, it did a lot more than just pay the bills … it let Carline travel the world, buy a 6,000-square-foot house, and establish a comfortable life for herself as a seven-figure writer.

Plus, now that she's established herself as a successful writer with winning controls, she never has to go looking for work. Clients come to her, asking if she has time for them.

It could be the same for you — and faster than you think.

Where Demographics Meets Politics, You Win

In the next five years, the health publishing industry will be racing to keep up with an exploding demand for information about health, health services, and alternative health products.

There are two major drivers behind this exploding demand: politics and demographics.

Healthcare systems in America topped $2.5 trillion in spending in 2012. That's nearly 20% of America's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to TripleTree Research.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) projects that number will grow at an annual average rate of 5.8% through 2020.

Experts worry that's unsustainable … especially given our country's battle with debt and overspending. Hence Obamacare and dozens of smaller programs designed to stop “out-of-control” healthcare spending.

But for a copywriter, “out-of-control spending” means “major opportunity” … especially if you'd like to write about how national healthcare issues affect regular people and what the “average Joe” can do to take control of his health.

And it gets better …

You see, that $2.5 trillion number … the whole 20% of America's GDP … that's just what official “healthcare systems” — like hospitals, clinics, and government aid programs — are spending.

It doesn't even touch what individual people spend.

That number is harder to pin down. Some estimates peg it at over $8,000 per person annually … while others put it at over $20,000.

No matter how you figure it, Americans as a whole are spending massive amounts on their health … especially as the average age of the nation creeps upward.

Demographics truly are your friend if you want to be a health writer — because the largest group of health buyers is Baby Boomers. These 81.5 million potential customers — 31% of the country's population — are arriving at retirement age kicking and screaming.

They don't want to get old. They don't want to feel old. And they definitely don't want to look old.

So if you'd like to write about preserving wellness … youthfulness … and yes, even “functionality” throughout life … there's a massive market of consumers ready to hang on your every word.

Conditions Are Perfect … For You

No wonder the major health publishers are so upset!

They see these trends coming together to create amazing demand for their products, newsletters, and special reports … but they don't have enough writers to get the word out!

As Angela Salerno, President of the Institute of Natural Healing, says, “Having strong copy is key to building a profitable business. We can't succeed without it. The trouble we run into — always — is simply a lack of qualified health writers.”

She's not alone in feeling that way. Jenny Thompson, President of Agora's booming NewMarket Health division, complained about it to a packed house at the 2012 Bootcamp. She wasn't shy about saying her company was hard up for good writers … or that she's constantly looking for solid talent she can book for months to help keep up with her copy needs.

In fact, in 2012, NewMarket Health sponsored a special competition for AWAI-trained writers … with a $25,000 cash prize.

The Challenge: Write a New Acquisition
Package for NewMarket Health

The Reward: $25,000, Royalties, Plus a 1-Year Contract

NewMarket Health really NEEDS acquisition copy for all four of their flagship newsletters.

Pick one (or all four!) … and write a headline and lead you think could become one of their future controls. If they like what they see, you’ll be asked to write an entire promotion based on the headline and lead you submitted. If your package is mailed successfully, you’ll receive a flat $25,000 fee plus royalties — AND a year-long writing contract.

Jenny was able to connect with multiple new writers … giving one a career-changing full-time contract … but she still recruited at Bootcamp. Demand for health copywriters is just that strong.

So … given that level of demand for your services … can you just walk up to any health publisher, say you're a writer, and get a job?

Not exactly … simply because the first thing they'd ask you is if you know what you are doing in health.

Do you know how to write DSHEA-compliant copy?

What do you do to avoid product liability claims with the FDA?

Can you get a package through legal? Do you have the skills?

Right now, you probably don't.

Not yet.

But you will …

Learn The Right Way To Make A
Killing As A Health Writer

Writing for the health market can be the secret to an amazing career … but every one of the successful health writers I know will tell you that you have to know how to navigate this market the smart way.

And you have to learn the rules. Quite a lot of rules, actually, including federal regulations and truth-in-advertising laws.

It's a lot to master, and on your own, getting it right can take years of trial-and-error.

I'm not telling you this to scare you away from writing health copy.

Quite the contrary!

I want to help you take years off your learning curve and jump straight into this red-hot market …

 … be right at the front of the line when health publishers come looking for copywriters …

 … and be cashing serious paychecks as a health writer by this time next year.

Secrets of Writing for the Health MarketThat's why I'm excited to show you our freshly-updated Secrets of Writing for the Health Market program.

It's been redesigned to reflect the current market realities and give you everything you need to write winning health copy … starting with your first project.

Here's a taste of what's inside:

  • Your map to all the minefields, pitfalls, and sinkholes in the health market so you can avoid them. You'll leap over other clueless beginners to land big clients and write copy that sails through legal and regulatory review.
  • Your “insider's guide” to the emotional hot buttons unique to health copy. You'll be able to write copy that connects with customers, beats your competitors, and makes you look like a pro to your clients.
  • Your personal instruction manual for researching products so you uncover the details others miss. You'll write better copy — faster — and seem like a genius at coming up with the Big Idea everyone's so desperate to find.

There's a lot more … interviews with expert health writers … hands-on writing exercises … control copy analysis … the best research websites for medical information …

I'm afraid it gets pretty detailed.

“Yes, you absolutely can make six-figures in the health market. Marketers spend billions on advertising every year in this industry and a good copywriter is worth their weight in gold.”

– Steve Coombes
The Healthy Back Institute (HBI)

You won't be able to whip through this program in a day … or even a week. I'd say you need a solid month … maybe two or three … to do all the exercises and read every one of the samples.

If you're willing to make that investment in your future, you'll find yourself light-years ahead of other beginning writers … right at the start of the explosion in health copy demand … and just in time to live comfortably off your copy fees and royalties from now until you choose to stop.

But of course, I'm not sending you out in the market armed with just the most up-to-date and comprehensive guide to writing for the health market.

I’ll also give you a direct connection to some major health clients looking to hire AWAI-trained health writers just like you …

Get Work Right Now With Live Spec Challenges

You buy programs like this because you want to find work … get clients … and have your shot at the writer's life of your dreams.

“Health copy is different. The core emotions ... the strict legal guidelines ... If you don't have a solid foundation writing for health, it's an uphill battle. We've tried to use copywriters who don't have our specific experience and it winds up being more work for us to edit and rewrite the copy. So anytime we can get proven, talented health copywriters for a project, we jump at the opportunity.”

– Angela Salerno, President

And it starts right here.

Secrets of Writing for the Health Market comes with five live spec challenges from two of America's top health publishers, The Institute for Natural Healing and The Healthy Back Institute.

Live spec means these aren't writing exercises or samples to tuck away in your portfolio. This is your chance to put your copy in front of marketing managers and editorial directors actively looking for new writers.

New writers like you.

In fact, when I spoke to these companies about offering spec challenges to freshly-trained health copywriters, the first thing they asked me was, “How many can I give you?”

Do these spec challenges well and not only will you have a paying client — maybe even your first client — but you'll also be connected to two companies who have dozens of other projects waiting for the right writer to come along.

Ace Your Specs With These
Exclusive Health Writing Bonuses

Now, you don't have to worry about having what it takes to ace these spec challenges … because when you order Secrets of Writing for the Health Market, you'll also get:

  • Why They Won: 7 Top Health Controls Analyzed. This collection of classic health market promotions pulls back the curtain on some of the industry's biggest winners. You'll learn exactly what they did right so you can do it, too.
  • Our exclusive Proven Strategies Swipe File. Swipe files are key to learning what works in this niche … and getting time-saving inspiration from proven winners. This ready-made swipe file represents billions in sales and would be impossible for you to replicate on your own.
  • Your shortcut to writing health copy that complies with all the latest standards. This bundle of four specially designed guides from the FTC will help you sail through copy review and get your work in front of customers faster.

Lock Down Your Future
As A Successful Health Writer Today

It's time to make a choice. Do you keep hunting for a profitable niche … or do you join the handful of smart writers who've figured out how to make a great living writing health copy?

Remember, you're not going to be starting from scratch. You're going to get:

  • A detailed, step-by-step guide to writing winning health copy in the newly-updated Secrets of Writing for the Health Market program.
  • Six special bonus reports that give you instant access to health copy's biggest home runs, the rules of the game, and the reasons specific packages turned into legend.
  • Five live spec challenges from top health publishers looking to hire fresh writers as soon as possible.

The total Secrets of Writing for the Health Market package is $399 … pocket change when you consider how much you can make from your first successful project.

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There's absolutely no risk to you … and the upsides of success are considerable. More income than you need to be comfortable … clients chasing you … and a market that's set to stay red-hot for years to come.

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To your success,

Katie Yeakle
Executive Director, AWAI

P.S. If you want a profitable niche with an unlimited appetite for copy, this is it. There aren't enough health writers to keep up with the demand and politics and demographics mean the market will only get bigger in the years ahead.

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