Elizabeth O Mahony

Elizabeth O Mahony

Copywriter, SEO Expert, Resume Writer, Travel Writer

Fundraising, Health, Self-Help


I have a BA. Degree in English and am a Freelance, professional writer. I produced academic documents as part of my teaching career and promotional literature for a private school that I founded.I ventured into freelance writing in 2014. By then I was spending most of my time writing and now have a novel ready for the second draft stage.I discovered copywriting through a web designer friend and have taken courses with AWAI.I seem to have always been a writer from my earliest schooldays to the present and always loved the power of words. Being from Ireland I feel that writing is native to me. During my career as an English teacher my time was spent teaching how words work until I decided to undertake writing as a full time career. That is a decision that I am very happy with. Now I spend my days writing, putting into action the skills I taught my pupils!

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