Gregory Mellina

Gregory Mellina
Spring Valley, NY

Grant Writer


Giving back and helping others is enriching and humbling. They are values that I cherish every day and instill upon my daughters. I have strong written and oral communication skills, high ethical and moral standards, and valuable project management skills, having spent over 20 years, as a Regulator, with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and a combined 35-plus years, in the banking industry, principally as an auditor and technical writer.

I have the resilience to see any project through to its end, the persistence to analyze all possible funding sources and/or funding needs, and the confidence to reach out to others, to find the most suitable solutions to any problem. In my view, understanding the goals and objectives of fund raisers, and the charitable interests of the funds providers, are crucial elements for success. Our collective success,to maximize results and optimize solutions, can be achieved through collaboration, cooperation, trust and effective team-building.

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