The One “Dumb Thing” That Could Be Separating You
From the Happiest and Richest People on Earth

“I Get So Close to
Finally Breaking Through …

to landing that dream client …
making six figures … and having it all.

And then something always happens.
I don’t know … it’s, well, it’s like there’s
some force out there blocking my way.

Something Keeps Stopping Me.”

Listen to message
from Dr. Joe Vitale

Dear Reader,

You’re right.

You’re absolutely right. Something is stopping you. But that same force could be working for you instead of against you  … it could help you turn all your goals into reality.

Today I’m going to rip the cover off this mysterious “something,” and show you exactly how to make it work for you … not against you.

Imagine … everything finally going your way. Roadblocks, barriers, failures … gone forever.

Once this powerful “something” is working for you, you’ll suddenly find yourself in situations and places, meeting people who will put you on the fast track to success. And you’ll just keep moving up, rising higher.

And your friends and family will be watching. They’ll see you make those breakthroughs … they’ll be there when you grab the good life with both hands. With a tinge of green envy, they’ll probably call it “dumb luck” and gossip about how things “always work out” for you.

That’s the power this something holds, once you understand how to make it work for you.

Hi, I’m Dr. Joe Vitale. And though I’m a big success now, I’ve gone through some tough times. In fact, early in my career, I actually lost everything I had been struggling to accomplish till then … and was living as a homeless bum in Dallas, TX. Because something inside me was holding me back and pushing me down.

Today, that has all changed. I’ve written more books than I can remember. (Several are national best-sellers and one has repeatedly beat Harry Potter for the number one spot on Amazon!) I’ve made countless TV appearances, including an interview on the Larry King Live show.

I own more than half a dozen exotic sports cars (more on that in a minute), beautiful homes, and I travel regularly. Needless to say, money and housing are no longer issues for me.

Everything in my life changed because I discovered the secrets behind putting this mysterious “something” to work for me … not against me.

For over 25 years, I have been showing people just like you how to do the same. In the next few minutes, I’d like to help you turn things around and get that “something” working for you …

It’s Time to Make That “Dumb Something”
Work for You

Notice I called that something “dumb.” I’m not trying to be funny … I’m serious. It is “dumb” … but extremely powerful, as you have already proven in your own life.

It’s “dumb” because it can’t see the color of your skin. It doesn’t know anything about the terrible (or wonderful) circumstances in your life. It doesn’t know your income level. It doesn’t care about your religion, your politics, or anything else about you. And it doesn’t reason, think, or feel.

In fact, the all-powerful “something” that is holding you back … or can launch you into awesome success … is one simple question.

Do I deserve this?

And how you answer that question is critical.

TODD Is Living in Your Brain

Your answer depends on what I like to refer to as “TODD.”

TODD is either your friend or your foe … usually both. He has the power to stand in your way, or give you the world. Really, there is no limit to his powers. TODD has proven that time and time again.

TODD stands for “Threshold Of Deservingness Datacenter.” He resides at the very core of your brain in a section not much bigger than a quarter.

Every sound, every sight, every smell, every situation, every conversation, every emotional memory … everything passes by TODD and is judged by your answer to this one, simple question …

Do I deserve this?

TODD Is Defining Your Destiny

Answer yes, and TODD will kick on the full power of your brain and start banging on the doors of the cosmic universe to deliver everything you truly deserve.

Do you deserve wealth? How about a new home? What about that brand-new sports car you’ve been dreaming about? Do you deserve the perfect spouse, the best writing assignments, a week in Bora-Bora … every 3 months?

I don’t know if you do. You’ll have to ask TODD. But you can be sure of this: If TODD says it’s OK … you’ll get it.

TODD Was Stopping Me …
So I Reprogrammed Him

I saw this phenomenon in my own life …

I grew up in a great family. My dad made a nice income and we were “comfortable.” When I got out on my own, I didn’t do so well. Like I said earlier, at one point, I even wound up on the streets. But in the end, I pulled through and started seeing some success.

Then something terrible happened. I hit another wall – a big one, this time. My business stopped growing. My income stalled out. Ideas just weren’t coming to me the way they used to.

For a while, it drove me crazy. I read more books. I changed my business plan and marketing approach. I did everything I knew how to do to move forward.

But it didn’t matter. I was stuck.

I was making the same income as my dad, but I couldn’t get past it.

Was it a bad income? Not really … but I wanted more.

Did I deserve more? TODD didn’t know. For him, more than what my dad made was getting into new territory.

You see what was happening here? From childhood, I knew, without question, that I deserved at least as good as my parents. TODD had programmed that income level into my system and had pulled me through the tough times until I got there.

But once I reached that level, TODD stopped me dead in my tracks. And he held me there mercilessly. He wouldn’t let go for nothin’ …

At least not until I learned the secrets behind reprogramming TODD. Once it registered with TODD that I actually deserved to make more than my father … and that dad would not only be OK with it, but proud of me … I was forced to make more money.

Why? Because I no longer deserved dad’s income … I deserved more. So I had to have it … and I got it.

Who Programmed TODD for You?

At some point in your life, you wake up and realize that you are not where you want to be. The life you always dreamed of seems just outside your reach.

But where did you get those limiting beliefs? Who, or what, programmed TODD for you?

In some ways, it doesn’t really matter. In some cases, it does.

To reprogram TODD, you have to understand where your limiting beliefs are coming from. In my case, the big one was that my dad would be embarrassed if I made more than he did. That’s what was keeping me down.

Knowing where my limiting beliefs came from … and why I had them … gave me the insights I needed to reprogram TODD. After that, TODD started opening up a whole new world of success for me.

There are dozens of situations, people, circumstances, and experiences in your life that could be holding you back …

  • Negative comments teachers or “friends” once made about you – comments you don’t even remember
  • A shameful chapter in your family’s history that everyone pretends never happened
  • Growing up in the kind of neighborhood you’d be afraid to step foot in today
  • Self-consciousness about your lack of a college education, etc. …

As you go through life, factors like these play a major part in defining your “threshold of deservingness” and programming TODD … without you realizing it’s happening.

By pushing past that “threshold of deservingness,” you will be able to achieve greater joy, greater happiness, greater prosperity, and more of your dreams.

The real question, then, is this … how do you move beyond your limiting beliefs? How do you break through and have it all?

Here’s How to Reprogram TODD

Let me introduce you to something I call “Clearing Methods” – a very simple, but very powerful, way to almost instantly redefine what you deserve in life.

Basically, there are a number of quick and easy techniques you can use to “clear” TODD’s memory and reprogram him.

When TODD’s definitions change, the “inner you” jumps into action. Not only that, but the universe wakes up and starts giving you everything TODD says you should have. Life is suddenly very different.

I am going to walk you  … step by step … through one of these Clearing Methods.

You’re going to need a piece of paper and a pen to do this with me. If you don’t have it handy, get it now …

When we’re done, I promise … part of your personal TODD will be totally redefined. We’ll take one aspect of your life – you decide which one – wipe out all your old, limiting beliefs about it, and make you ready for unimaginable levels of success.

I’d Like You to Meet Francine

Joe and Francine
Listen to message
from Dr. Joe Vitale

Francine is my baby. I attracted her. And now she is mine.

Who is Francine? Francine is a 2005 Panoz Esperante GTLM. She’s American, hand-built from the ground up, and one of the rarest (and most expensive) exotic sports cars in the world.

Oh, and you should know that Francine is not the only exotic sports car I’ve got. Actually, I’ve got more than a dozen fine automobiles, including a BMW that was specially made for me.

So how does a guy like me go from zero, dead broke, to calling up BMW and telling them how to build my next sports car?

I did it by using Clearing Methods – by “clearing” out my limiting beliefs so I could attract more success into my life.

You can do it too … and I’ll show you how.

You’ve Got to Clear Your Limits

Clearing Methods are so simple and so powerful that anybody can use them and see instant results. Like I said, we are going to use one of them in just a minute …

But first, let me tell you about just a few things that can happen in your life once you begin to understand how to reprogram TODD …

My wife & I attracted our Dream Boat into our lives: a 2001 Sea Ray 1900 Sportboat with 4.3L V6 Mercruiser! And the best part about this is: 1) we got 50% use of this boat for FREE (I have a pier and lakefront property on the Lake of Geneva, Switzerland) in exchange for the use of my pier and... 2) we dreamed of this boat for the past 4 years when we vacationed with my sister and her husband in Charlotte, NC and went skiing and wakeboarding in their identical boat! Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list for future seminars.

To your belief and success,

– F. Edward Fitchett,
INVC Resources, CH-1273 Switzerland

These principles are not difficult, but listening to the people who have actually achieved their dreams was priceless! Anyone who has any doubts as to the sincerity of what you do needs to put those doubts aside & open their hearts & minds to the wonderful abundant life that is waiting for them.

Thank you for everything!

– Barbara, Weatherford, TX

I used your system to focus on a long-term financial issue. A few days after this process was finished and repeated a few times, I had talks with my bank and a very grave situation now seems reversing by 180 degrees.

Thank you, Joe, for your continued commitment and for being an example of what really can be achieved!

– Harald, Germany

As an independent consultant, I go through short periods of unemployment, and not long ago my consulting contract was ending. I expected to be “unemployed” for the summer. And my wife and I were dying to get new Harleys. Although we are passionate about motorcycle riding, we’ve have been without Harleys for three years. I decided to use your principles to attract bikes and money.

It worked!

During the second week of using your stuff, a former client approached me with a year-long contract with a potential payout three times greater than any previous contract. And the motorcycles? We’ll pick them up next week.

Thanks, Joe. It works!

– David Perdew

Get Everything You Deserve

As you can see, when you possess the power to reprogram TODD, there are really no limits to what you can achieve or what you can have in your life. You simply need to decide what, exactly, it is that you deserve, reprogram TODD, and you can have it.

Let me give you two more examples …

As I went through the various exercises, I also did some work around “letting go” and forgiveness around my ex- husband, who has not seen our girls for over 8 years and owes well over $100,000 in child support.

This morning, I got a call from Child Support. I figured it was to ask the usual question: “Have you heard from your ex-husband?”

When she asked to get my current husband and sit down – I started shaking, unaware of what was happening. After all, she had been trying to call me for two weeks and I had not returned the calls (why bother?).

She said my ex had been in contact with her and wanted to get his life back together. They had negotiated an initial payment. (I’m thinking maybe $1,000.)

“Are you sure you are sitting? Is your husband with you?”

“Oh God, what’s happened?” I thought, my hands shaking …

“Mrs. Law, we have a check in the amount of $50,000, about half what is owed, but I need your marriage license so we can issue it to you in your proper name.”

Enough said – the steps work … and this is only one of the stories I could tell …

– Anita Law,

“One of the first things we experienced was total peace that all of the things we desire to have or experience are already done. Not having to figure out how it is all supposed to happen is a huge relief. It is also exciting to watch things just happen. I have found $50 laying on the ground. I have received phone calls that represent new business opportunities and income streams. I expect it, because that’s what I have put out into the universe.

Vicki has desired to have an Internet business so she can stay home with our daughter and develop a significant income. She was frustrated with all of the details of Internet technology and knew she needed a coach. She put out to the universe her desire for a coach or mentor. You then offered your Mentoring Program and she applied along with thousands of others. She was accepted into the program and now looks forward to fulfilling another dream. This is how life was designed to be lived. Good or bad, we are the authors. Thank you, Joe. We will continue to spread this message to everyone we can.”

– Brian Jensen

You Must Take Action to Create Change …
Let’s Get Started Right Now

OK, are you ready to experience this kind of powerful change for yourself?

Grab that piece of paper and your pen, and let’s get going …

The starting point, here, is defining what you want.

Do you want more money? How much? Pick a number and write it down. Maybe you want a new house, a new car, lots of vacation time, or more romance in your life. Whatever your main goal or biggest desire is, write it down.

A 6-Level Internal Conversation
That Destroys Success

Let’s say you wrote down that you want to up your income to $95,000. In order for you to make that much money, you are going to need approval from TODD. So now you have an internal conversation with him – and it doesn’t go well.

Let’s call this conversation the “6 Levels of Self Defeatism.” It might sound something like this …

  • Deserving Voice: “I would love to be making $95,000 so I can get out of debt, pay cash for that sports car I’ve been wanting, and save enough money to start my own business and quit my lousy day job.”
  • TODD: “Sure you would, but there is no way you can make that kind of money. It is just not realistic.”
  • Deserving Voice: “Why not? Other people do it – and some make even more. I’m not much different than they are.”
  • TODD: “True. But they’ve had a bunch of lucky breaks and the right training. You don’t have either of those things.”
  • Deserving Voice: “But I could get the right training. I’m smart enough to learn what it takes.”
  • TODD: “You’re right again. One problem. That kind of training costs big bucks … and right now, money is something you don’t have. Just forget the whole thing.”

Most people stop right there. They let TODD talk them out of what they consciously want, and, as a result, live life far below what they know they really deserve.

But if you take the conversation with TODD a little bit further … even two levels further … you can discover what is REALLY holding you back.

Let’s Go Two Levels Deeper
to Discover Your Core Limiting Beliefs

When you add two more levels to the “6 Levels of Self Defeatism,” you turn them into the “8 Levels of Self Discovery.”

It goes something like this:

  • Deserving Voice: “Now wait a minute. Why can’t I come up with the money for that training? I could borrow it … or sell that coin collection I inherited from Uncle Charlie … or have a garage sale … or something. There’s got to be a way.”
  • TODD: “Maybe you could. But the fact is, none of your friends or family make that kind of money. And they don’t drive sports cars. If you had that much money, it would ruin all those relationships. You’d be offending people who are close to you. Is grubby money really worth it?”

Now It’s Time to Reprogram TODD’s Core

This brings you to the core of TODD’s programming. He believes that you do not deserve more than your friends and family. So you’ll never get it.

But, you see, this little exercise – taking the internal conversation with TODD just two levels deeper – has given you faces and names (your family and friends) and an actual situation to deal with.

So now the question becomes: Is that reality – that you’ll lose all your friends and destroy your relationships with your family … just because you’re making more money? If that is reality, those people never really cared about you. They were just using you to support their own limiting beliefs. And if that’s the case, losing them is nothing to worry about.

But a more likely reality is that your loved ones and friends will be fired up to see you win. They will be cheering you on and encouraging you to rise higher and higher.

Plus, you will inspire them to move ahead in life as well. You’ll challenge their limiting beliefs with your success, and everyone will be the better for it.

That’s the reality of achieving your goal.

Feeding TODD New Data

So now let’s clear that limiting belief.

You do this by writing three simple statements on your piece of paper:

I Want:____________________________

My Current Belief Is:__________________________

The Reality Is:__________________________

By defining the reality, you are giving a new set of instructions to TODD. You are telling him, “Hey, the current program has a syntax error in it. Here is the right code to work with.”

The right code begins to be processed immediately, and TODD starts to adjust your threshold of deservingness.

Take Action Now …
You’ll Feel the Difference

A few minutes ago, I asked you to write down your main goal or biggest desire. Using that, finish the three statements.

  • I Want: (What is it that you want? Write it down.)
  • My Current Belief Is: (What limiting beliefs are stopping you from having it? Remember to go all the way to Level 8 in your conversation with TODD to discover the real beliefs that are holding you back. Write them down.)
  • The Reality Is: (What is the reality of your situation? Write it down.)

If you’re like most people I’ve worked with over the past 25 years, you’ll feel your limiting beliefs start slipping away immediately … and feel them being replaced by more power to achieve success.

I have just shown you the first step in the process of reprogramming TODD.

Now what? Well, now you have to replace the limiting beliefs you discovered with higher levels of deservingness … and that needs to be done at your subconscious level …

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TODD’s Power Center Operates at
the Subconscious Level

To be truly effective, this new set of instructions for TODD must be driven deep into your subconscious mind.

Why? Most likely, you have such beliefs as these in your subconscious …

“Money is evil.”

“Money creates problems.”

“Money will make me a selfish person.”

“Wanting money is greedy.”

“Rich people are snobs.”

“I’m not smart enough to earn lots of money.”

If you have one or more of those limiting beliefs deep inside you, do you really think you’ll attract any money?

In truth, you’ll attract NOT having money. TODD will do everything in his power to keep money away from you … even if, on a conscious level, you know that you want and need more money.

TODD doesn’t care. Remember, he’s dumb. He only wants to know if you deserve more money … and if you don’t, you won’t get it.


Because TODD runs at your subconscious level. Down there, your counter-intention (“Money is bad”) will veto your conscious intention to attract more money into your life.

Getting “Clear” Attracts Success

Once you clear the hidden blocks to your success – your limiting beliefs– your success has nothing in its way.

But how do you get clear?

After all, your subconscious limitations are un-conscious!

So how do you find them and erase them? And even more important … how do you reprogram them so that TODD is working for you and not against you?

Unlock the Power of the Subconscious Mind

The exercise I led you through above is just the beginning of the process. There are three more phrases I want to teach you to help you reach down to TODD’s un-conscious level and change things around.

3 Power Programming Phrases

Unfortunately, I don’t have the space to give you the full technique behind clearing and reprogramming TODD right here.

But I can give you a quick summary of the 3 power programming phrases that will help you – and an example of how to use them.

In just a minute, I’m going to show you how you can get the full story on this next technique.

Not only that, I’m going to show you how you can get your hands on 7 more of the most powerful Clearing Methods and Attraction principles I’ve ever put together in one program.

I’ve actually taken the best secrets out of a number of my books – including the national best-seller The Attraction Factor, The Key, The Missing Secret, and Zero Limits – and compiled them into one easy-to-follow, rapid-implementation tool. More on that a little later …

For now, here are the 3 power phrases you’ll need to help reprogram TODD at the subconscious level …

  • I Can
  • I Know
  • I Will

It would look something like this:

  • I Can earn $95,000.
  • I Know that I am an intelligent human being and that my true friends are cheering me on.
  • I Will find the money I need so I can learn what I need to know and I will be a success.

Command statements like these have the power to simultaneously clear old, limiting beliefs and reprogram TODD so you can have everything in life.

Absolutely No Limits … None!

Remember, there are no limits to what you can have. None.

I believe that. I’ve seen it over and over again in my own life and in the lives of people just like you.

I repeat … There are no limits once you understand how to reprogram TODD.

An Exclusive Tool That Gives You
Everything You Need

That is why I’ve teamed up with AWAI to create an exclusive, one of a kind system that is guaranteed to give you the tools you need to reprogram our friend TODD.

“The AWAI Accelerated Income Goals System—Smashing Down the Roadblocks to Your Success” is a hybrid tool that takes some of the very best Clearing Methods and reprogramming methods found in my books, and puts them all in one place.

I worked hard on this system so that it wouldn’t just have the best of my best secrets, but would also be in a format that you could quickly – almost instantly – use. I want to see you wipe out those limiting beliefs and explode into a new life.

Last night, just before I went to bed, I wrote a simple sentence on a small piece of paper and taped it to a bookshelf I can see when I am at my computer. It says, “I have $10,000 from an unexpected source.” And then I simply “let it go.”

This morning, I got a phone call. A realtor called to ask if my animal shelter could use some help. (I’ve been rescuing abandoned, abused, and neglected pets – mostly cats – for 3 years now, and it has consumed all my time and finances.) Of course, I said “YES!”

An old woman died this past week and left her entire estate to an animal sanctuary. Her lawyer called the sanctuary to let them know of her wishes, but they said, “Don’t you have an animal welfare group there?”

To honor her wishes, her real property will be sold and proceeds sent to the sanctuary. But all the property INSIDE the house will be auctioned and paid to MY shelter!

I have an idea that it will probably bring just about $10,000!

Yes, Dr. Joe, this really works! Thank you!

– Dr. Jo (in Nebraska),

I was absolutely floored by such immediate results. I followed the simple steps … and got exactly what I needed. I now get to help others achieve their dreams of making a living online, just like I have. I now have a mastermind group of close friends that meets once a week to discuss business ideas and provide support. One of those dear friends is Joe Vitale, whose words led to the realization of so many of my dreams. Looking back over the original wish list I wrote when doing Joe’s five steps, the only things I haven’t achieved are goals I decided I didn’t want after all.

– Bill Hibbler,

Within this last year I have found my true abundance. I now create many incredible and exciting things in my life, including a vacation to Hawaii, numerous workshops, meeting mentors in person, and even partnering with some of them on projects. I’ve created my own tele-seminar series on Abundance, and opportunities are literally appearing right before my eyes!

By getting clear and letting go I have opened myself to opportunities and experiences that my ego could never have dreamed up.

Thank you, Joe. You’ve helped me to change my own life, and I am eternally grateful.

– Velma Gallant, Abundance Coach,

Look Inside This Exclusive System

Here is what you will find inside “The AWAI Accelerated Income Goals System —Smashing Down the Roadblocks to Your Success” …

  • A concise, easy to follow outline for attracting wealth, happiness, and true success into your life. (You’ll find that in the introduction … and that’s just the beginning!)
  • A simple strategy for defining your personal “Mindset For Success.” You’ll be surprised that it is not a cookie-cutter strategy, but personalized and relevant just for you.
  • Tools to identify – and then overcome – your “comfort zone” and finally have a real explanation for why comfort zones are so dangerous … and exactly how to get away from yours.
  • Discovering TODD (your Threshold Of Deservingness Datacenter) … not just on a conscious level, but on an un-conscious level where the true power of attraction resides.
  • Full techniques and ideas behind the “I Can, I Know, I Will” system, and how to use it to achieve your goals.
  • The secret psychology behind setting goals … and why most “goal-setting systems” fail.
  • Utilizing a “miraculous” pattern for reprogramming TODD that will give you the power to achieve all your goals … every time. Master this, and you’ll be able to attract virtually ANYTHING into your life. Remember, there are no limits.
  • The lost art of turning all your wants, dreams, desires, and goals into powerful “converter magnets” and transforming them into vivid, living reality in your life.
  • Discover why emotionally disconnecting from your goals will actually help you achieve them faster! (This is an essential ingredient in reprogramming TODD.)
  • The true secret behind being happy. Hint: Achieving your next goal, dream, wish, or passion will NOT do it. In Section Five of the system, I crush this age-old lie and tell you the truth.
  • Uncover the most powerful single word for achieving your goals and attracting everything into your life that you ever wanted … and so much more. Read about a pivotal staff meeting I had that finally unlocked this mystery.
  • Find out why NOT achieving your dreams and goals is sometimes the very best thing that could happen to you. The reason will surprise you … and inspire you.
  • Read more than 57 true stories about people in all walks of life who were able to clear TODD, persist in reprogramming him … and then go on to enjoy success beyond their wildest imagination. You’ll see that where you are today is no different than where they started out. You’re even better off than some of them were!
  • Discover over 9 specific clearing tools, reprogramming procedures, and worksheets that will let you break through whatever is stopping you. You can attract anything and everything you’ve ever dreamed of … if you get TODD on your side.

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Explode Into a New Life

My purpose in putting together this exclusive, life-changing tool for you is so that you can achieve your initial goals … and then blow past them.

Since there are no limits, I want you to use these powerful tools to have it all.

If you were to go out and buy my books, DVDs and audio files that contain the secrets you’ll find in “The AWAI Accelerated Income Goals System” it would cost you well over $602. Plus, it would cost you hundreds of hours in viewing, reading, listening, and implementing.

And maybe that is why this customized system I put together with AWAI is so rare and unique. I’ve taken the best of my techniques and success-attracting secrets and condensed them down into this compact, powerhouse.

It is available only through AWAI – an exclusive offer just for you that I’m not giving to anyone else, anywhere else. 3 Surprise Bonus Gifts!

But you’re not just going to get this powerful, exclusive system for achieving your goals and attracting a brand-new life, I’ve got several surprise bonuses for you …

Bonus #1: Audio + Complete Transcript of “The Secret of Productivity”

“The Secret of Productivity” has never been widely promoted or marketed. In fact, it is the first place where I ever revealed my secrets to being incredibly productive.

Recently, I had Suzanne, my assistant, put together a list of every book, every audio, every DVD, every movie, every product of any kind that I have produced over the years. I was shocked when she came back to me with 43-pages!

This was not some cheesy double-spaced document with big margins to make it look bigger. This was a 43-page, single-spaced, small-font listing of all the products I’ve created over the years. 43 pages!

  • How did I do all of that?
  • What is the secret to staying focused and cranking out high volumes of products and materials?
  • What is the fine art of getting things done, quickly and effortlessly?
  • How can you rise to that level of productivity and get more things done in a week than most people do in a couple of months?
  • What are the most powerful secrets behind being highly productive and making every minute move you forward toward your dreams?
  • How do you get the right ideas and transform them into the right products, clients, or situations to achieve every goal you ever set?

Those are the kinds of questions I’ll answer for you on this bonus presentation. The full transcript allows you to go back and pinpoint every productivity secret I give and instantly review them again and again … until you’ve mastered them.

Bonus #2: Audio + Complete Transcript of “Your Defining Moment”

Here’s another exclusive program that I have for you. You won’t find this on my website, Amazon, or anywhere else … except here.

This is a presentation I gave during a weekend seminar not long ago. In it, you’ll hear me talk about “defining moments” in my life … those rare times when everything changes in an instant.

How do these life-altering moments happen? I’ll let you know in the presentation.

This presentation includes one of the longest question and answer sessions I’ve ever done. The transcript is a full 18 pages long!

It is also one of the most interesting Q&As I’ve ever done. Questions like these came up …

  • “If homeless Joe (that’s me back in Dallas, TX, remember?) were sitting here right now … what would you tell him?”
  • “I don’t know where to start … how do I do it?”
  • “What was the turning point when you went from where you were struggling to where you started to believe in yourself and feel like it was all starting to come together?”
  • “When you recognize that it is fear that you are stuck in, what kinds of things do you do to help pop yourself out of that?”
  • “If you’ve had a recurring problem all your life and you’ve been doing everything you know to work on it and nothing has worked yet, what is your best suggestion as to how to go at it?”

Plus dozens more. The entire experience was very insightful for the audience … and me.

Bonus #3: The Weekly Motivational Quote … Audio Inspiration

This one is pretty cool. AWAI and I have compiled 52 quotes – a full years’ worth of some of the most inspiring statements you’ll ever come across.

Every single week, you’ll get an email with an audio inspiration. Not only will you get to read the quote, print it out, and post it where you can read it throughout the week … you’ll also have an audio file that you can drop onto your iPod, listen to on your computer, or burn to a disk to play in your car.

There is something else about these quotes. They will have a powerful “clearing” effect on you – which makes them yet another Clearing Method for you to use. The quotes will help you reach deep into TODD’s territory, clear out your limiting beliefs, and replace them with life-changing beliefs that attract success.

Everything You Need to Make
Your Goals Reality

Obviously there is a lot of material here. I suppose that with these bonuses, I could easily charge close to $500 … or more. I talked with the folks at AWAI and we tossed around a price of at least half of that – around $250 or so.

But in the end, we decided we weren’t going to do that. Hey … I’ve been where you are, and I really want to see you move forward and live your dreams. So we are going to keep the price at just $129 – at least for today.

Are you ready to push past all that stuff that is stopping you from living your dreams?

Are you ready to move forward and start attracting success?

Are you ready to see your main goal or biggest desire jump off the paper I had you write it on and burst into reality?

Are you ready to “clear” TODD and reprogram him so you can finally start having everything in life that you truly deserve?

A Bit of Doubt Is Natural …
Don’t Let It Rob You of Success

Now, I realize that it is possible that you are sitting there asking yourself things like:

  • Can this system really work for me?
  • Will I really, finally be able to remove those barriers and have true happiness and success?
  • Is it really possible to reprogram TODD and start attracting everything I want?
  • Is it really possible to land my dream client, make a strong six-figure income, and enjoy the lifestyle of my dreams?

These are great questions. But, my friend, only you can answer them. You’ve read about dozens of other people – and I’ve quoted some of them here – who are shouting to the world that my system DOES work.

You Have Absolutely, Positively
Zero Risk

You will never know if this system works for you until you grab it and put it to use – and I want to make that as easy as possible for you.

So I’m going to remove all the risk.

Here is my straightforward, no-quibble, total-coverage guarantee. It takes away every ounce of risk you might be feeling and gives you the power to start deserving more out of life right away.

Here is my Ironclad, 5-Point Promise:

With “The AWAI Accelerated Income Goals System—Smashing Down the Roadblocks to Your Success” …

  • You will find at least 5 powerful ways to clear TODD and reprogram him so that you truly believe you deserve more out of life.
  • You will find the tools you need to eliminate obstacles, roadblocks, and detours that are stopping you from enjoying a life of wealth and prosperity.
  • You will immediately begin to achieve more of your goals and start attracting more success, more happiness, more riches, and more goodness if you strictly implement what I’ll be giving you.
  • If, after putting this system to the test, you don’t find everything that I’ve promised to be true, just let me know. I’ll have AWAI refund every penny you spent on the program.
  • You have a full 120 days to listen to, review, try, and test this system. If you are not fully satisfied, then, like I said, just give AWAI a call, return the program, and you’ll receive a full refund. No questions asked, no comments made. The three bonuses are yours to keep for the rest of your life, no matter what you decide to do.

I can’t think of a stronger, lower-risk promise to offer you. It is beyond fair.

Begin at Once … Today

So, are you ready to get started?

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Just $79.

That’s right. You’ll get all three bonuses and this incredible system for removing all the obstacles to success from your life for just $79.

At this price, AWAI is willing to eat $50 on every order – but I don’t know how long they’ll be able to offer you this discount. Of course, they have the right to change the price back at any time.

Why take the chance and lose the money?

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You Attracted This Offer …
Now Will TODD Stop You … or Launch You?

When AWAI approached me and asked me to put together a program with them, I decided to pull out all the stops and make this an exclusive offer. This combination of information in one place can only be found here.

If you are really ready to have a nicer car, more money, a happier life, a bigger home, more clients, and achieve every goal you’ve ever dreamed of, this system is a must have. It is the fastest way possible for you to eliminate what is stopping you and immediately start attracting a better, richer life.

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Joe Vitale

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P.S. Look, the hard fact is that if you don’t have these powerful secrets to putting “something” to work for you, you’ll never be able to achieve your goals … no matter how badly you want it. Like I said, even if you consciously want something, if that mysterious “something” is against you at the subconscious level, you will continue to repel success. You’ll continue to get stopped in your tracks. This program gives you the tools to turn the tables.

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P.P.S. Still wondering how to make “something” work for you so you can change your life forever? Read these two true stories …

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My biggest struggle has always been with pursuing my own goals instead of other people’s plans for me. I yearned to live my own life, but I couldn’t see how to achieve anything worthwhile.

Nevertheless, I worked through Joe’s formula… not expecting anything much. I love all of Joe Vitale’s work, and believed he wouldn’t give me anything that wasn’t helpful. I did every exercise. The “letting go” part was easy. I had no time to pay much attention to what I wanted to do anyway. Then strange things began to happen. Choices came at me that I didn’t want to miss, and so another struggle erupted… my will against other people’s plans for my time and money.

As Joe says, the hardest thing is to believe you don’t have to do anything to figure out how to achieve your goals, so I committed to following his formula, faithfully, secretly. Another dream: another formula session! After a while, thinking like this became second nature to me. Does that formula work? Our family has created a very successful Internet business that helps many people with health issues. This is truly using my special talents in a very rewarding way. … Once I actually applied this formula and started to get my own results, it became one of my foundational tools. Now new projects are anticipated and welcomed, not feared or rejected. It is really fun to watch your life grow the way you want it to. Because of my success, I quickly committed to using it consistently in all areas of my life. It is so much fun, KNOWING you will be successful!”

– Karin Henderson

My old car up and died last weekend. I had it towed home Monday, and whenever I started to think about replacing it, my mind just said “Wait.”

So I waited. By Wednesday, I had almost run out of groceries, and I became ill with what I thought was food poisoning. I couldn’t have done anything if I’d wanted to. I was sick the next day, too. Now as I look back on it, I think I worried myself sick.

As I lay there, I thought about what I tell my coaching clients: that all negative energy is just repressed energy that is wanting to come out and serve us in a positive way.

So … as per your 5-step process, I thought about what I didn’t want, I tapped away anything blocking the new, and kept running the image of my new Toyota pickup truck. I could see it driving right up to park right behind my old car. It was white; it found me and came to me, and it was ridiculously easy to get. Eventually I fell asleep and let the whole thing go.

Friday, I woke up feeling great. I was having breakfast when the guy who I got my last car from (in trade for one of my paintings!) called me and said, “How about if I take your old car, and I’ll sell you another one I have that’s in good shape for $1,000.” No-brainer – I said yes!

I was outside when I saw him drive up right behind my car in this white Honda car. OK, it isn’t a Toyota, it’s a Honda. And it’s a sedan, not a truck. I trust the universe to give me just what I need. The next part – the ridiculous the ridiculous ease of getting it – was priceless.

As we were discussing the exchange, he suggested that instead of me paying the full amount he’d asked for, I pay $800 next week, and he’d take one of my paintings as collateral. I said OK.

I took him to my studio where he picked out a $1,680 painting that he really liked. We were signing the receipt and pink slips when he turned to me and said, “Why don’t we just call it a trade for the painting and your old car? I can get a couple hundred for it when I fix it up, and I like that painting.”

This might sound like a loss, but I’d have only gotten $840 for it if I had sold it through one of my galleries, so I was stoked! I carried it out and put it in his van.

I said “Fine!” We signed the papers and off he went.

That’s two cars for a painting each in almost exactly 2 years, and all I paid was the registration – and actually got paid a little, since there was change in the ashtray!

Thanks for your calls – they were great fun.”


Angela Treat Lyon

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