Inside AWAI Webinar and Q&A:
Thrive as a Freelance Writer in 2023 with the Skill Every Company Needs Right Now

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No matter what’s going on in the world … no matter what the state of the economy is … there’s one skill absolutely every company NEEDS.

And it just happens to be a skill that can help your writing career thrive, while helping companies make a lot more profit.

In fact, according to research from Harvard Business School, even a tiny 5% gain in this area can boost their overall PROFITS by 25%-95% or more.

Think about that for a minute …

That means a small business making $1,000,000 per year would end up at least an additional $250,000 just by hiring you to do this for them.

A company making $10 million per year?

Well, they’d make $2,500,000 more by making the smart decision to hire you to do this for them!

And get this …

Even though it’s a “non-salesy” writing skill, it still sets you up to earn royalties on the work you do for clients.

No matter what’s happening in the economy — this is a skill that can give you financial security and stability as a writer.

In fact, when the economy heads to a slow down or recession, companies focus on this even MORE to survive (and even thrive!).

That’s why if you’re serious about making 2023 a great year for you as a writer — this is a MUST-see Inside AWAI free webinar and Q&A presented by Rebecca Matter and Sandy Franks.

  • You’ll learn what this most profitable writer’s skill is — and why it’s so amazingly valuable regardless of the economic climate we find ourselves in …
  • You’ll discover a simple roadmap for quickly landing your very first (or next) client by offering this as a service …
  • And you’ll learn at least THREE more ways you can use this skill to land clients, earn higher fees, and become a “go-to” writer!

This is something ANY writer can do — regardless of experience level. It’s not something most writer’s think about. Yet, it’s desperately needed in the world we find ourselves in right now.

Learn all about it so you can thrive as a writer this year.

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