Is AWAI a Scam?

One of the questions we are often first asked by people who find us on their own is, "Is AWAI a scam?"

The answer is an easy one: “No, AWAI is not a scam.”

And proving it is even easier …

Since 1997 AWAI (American Writers & Artists Institute) has been helping people develop skills to make money writing and acquire financial security, independence and freedom. As the world’s leading publisher of direct-response copywriting, web writing, and business-to-business home-study programs, we’ve helped thousands of people do just that.

We have so much proof and so many testimonials from successful members about how real we are, that proving AWAI isn’t a scam takes just a few short minutes …

To start, AWAI has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) …

AWAI has been an Accredited BBB Business since 1998 and to this day still maintains an A+ rating, on a scale of A+ to F.

Have we ever had a complaint? Sure. Misunderstandings happen. But, have we ever had one that wasn’t resolved? NO.

But, we stand behind everything we do and offer. We’re passionately dedicated to helping transform careers for people like you.

In fact, here’s what the BBB has to say about us:

Better Business Bureau Accreditation

This company has been accredited since 03/16/1998 and we are satisfied that it honors its commitment. The company has agreed to uphold our accreditation standards, which include a commitment to act in accordance with ethical business practices and to respond to customer complaints.

But, don’t take our word for it — check out AWAI’s Better Business Bureau Report for yourself. That’s what the BBB is there for!

Next up, AWAI is proud to boast an Advisory Board of some of the world’s top experts in every area it publishes …

No matter what AWAI program members take, we give you step-by-step guidance that breaks down the entire process into small, easy-to-do steps. Our programs are unique because they’re designed and written by masters of the trade … people who are living the life that you aspire to … people whose livelihood depends on the very craft you will be learning.

That’s why AWAI’s Advisory Board members rank as some of the world’s best and highest-paid professionals in the industry including Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, John Forde, Carline Anglade-Cole, Bob Bly, Nick Usborne, just to name a few.

You can access the complete list of AWAI’s Advisory Board members here.

In addition, America’s top copywriters and marketers consider AWAI’s programs to be the “best in the industry …

Take a look at what the industry’s leading experts have to say about AWAI and our programs …

 “The simple fact is, AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is hands down the best way I know to get a working knowledge of the world’s most effective copywriting techniques today.

It has, quite simply, become the standard of the industry. Like many direct response companies, I won’t even consider hiring a copy cub who hasn’t completed both the basic and the advanced course.”

– Clayton Makepeace, world’s highest-paid copywriter

 “This is the best correspondence program for copywriting I have ever seen – in fact, the best copywriting program I’ve seen anywhere, in any form. Anyone who wants to get into direct response copywriting would benefit enormously from taking it.”

– Bob Bly, known as “America’s Top Copywriter” by McGraw-Hill

 AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting includes solid information, excellent exercises and terrific resource material. Anyone who applies themselves to the program will learn copywriting formulas and techniques for the specialized world of direct response marketing.”

– Marcia Yudkin, expert marketer and author of 9 books

 AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is the only copywriting course I wholeheartedly recommend to any copywriter who wants to write copy that drives results.”

– Nick Usborne, top web copywriter to Microsoft, Yahoo, and Disney

 “As a marketer who has hundreds of copywriting resources on his shelf – I’ll tell you AWAI’s instructors know their stuff!

– Yanik Silver,

Plus, the companies who continually hire AWAI-trained copywriters and freelancers again and again, couldn’t be happier with the results …

“All applicants worth looking at had taken your program”

– John Newston, The Healthy Back Institute

“My publishers are working with more than a dozen AWAI-trained copywriters”

– Bill Bonner, President, Agora Publishing

“Stars in the copywriting world have all come from the AWAI program”

– Chris Marlow, The Copywriter’s Coach

“We just hired our third AWAI-trained copywriter”

– Jim Fleck,

“I’ve been working with AWAI copywriters for eight years now. They consistently produce direct mail winners for me”

– Deeba Jafri, Marketing Consultant

“Anyone who Completes AWAI’s program … can always find work with me”

– James DiGeorgia, DiGeorgia & Assoc.

“Very professional writers. I wish I had found AWAI a couple years ago”

– Eric Dany, Editor, Mutual Fund Prospector

“Without good copywriters, we don’t have a business. When I’m contacted by someone who has completed AWAI’s program, believe me, I always take their call.”

– Julia Guth, Executive Director of The Oxford Club

“We love working with AWAI-trained copywriters. Several of our products have become bestsellers thanks to working with AWAI alumni.”

– Jason Holland, Early to Rise

“The copywriters we've had the most success with over the years – the ones we go back to – are all AWAI-trained …

In fact, our most successful promo right now was written by an AWAI-trained copywriter … and we’re grateful.”

– Jennifer Stevens, Copy Chief for International Living

And finally, the best proof we have that AWAI is not a scam is the long list of AWAI members who have been successful and made money after taking our programs …

 “After going through AWAI’s program, I sent some letters advertising my services as a freelance copywriter. I only mailed 16 letters. This was my ‘dream clients’ list. Companies I really wanted to work for …

That was two weeks ago.

Today, I have three new clients!

After getting a call this morning from a publisher, I was so happy, I jumped up and down. You have to understand, this is a huge company that just doesn’t deal with small fries like me.

I couldn’t even call the marketing department, they don’t take cold calls. Period. And here I was getting a call — not from the marketing manager’s assistant, or even the manager … but the publisher himself — asking me if I’d be interested in writing for him! I decided I better wait before promoting myself anymore.

At this rate, I won’t be able to keep up with all the work I’m getting.”

– Victor Elias, Winfield, B.C.

 “Since doing my first AWAI copywriting program and attending several AWAI copywriting bootcamps, my new career as a freelance copywriter has really taken off. Clients I gained from submitting my first bootcamp spec assignments 2 1/2 years ago are still my clients today, earning me over six-figures a year. Plus, I’ve been able to afford to indulge my passion for travel. Just in the last year, I’ve gone to Honduras, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and Croatia. Thanks AWAI for all your help!”

– Susan Nickerson, Longmont, CO

 “I first learned of AWAI in 2001. I’ve always wanted to write, but thought you’d starve to death unless you were Stephen King or someone like that. Then I discovered copywriting. It’s challenging, extremely interesting, and allows me to live my life the way I’ve always dreamed of. At the end of this year my husband and I (and our Chihuahua puppy Jack) will move into our 37-foot motorhome and begin living our dream, full-time RVing lifestyle.

We’ve built my office into the back so I can work from anywhere. This career gives me the financial freedom to pursue this dream and the way to work from wherever I choose. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

– Vicky Heron

 ‘Every great copywriter has to start somewhere and I’m in favor of giving you a chance.’ I couldn’t believe my ears – a big-name marketer was gambling on me, a new AWAI-trained copywriter, to produce great copy. I put my heart and soul into the direct-response package – and it beat their control by 29%. Thanks AWAI.

– Penny Thomas, Metuchen, NJ

 AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting was everything I hoped it would be! It was easy for me to walk away from an 18-year engineering career shortly after I finished the program. I had all the work I could handle. I feel like I’m finally leading the life I was meant to live. I can’t thank you enough!”

– Krista Jones., Roswell, GA

 “My goal when I set out 7 years ago was to build a flexible, enjoyable, profitable copywriting business that would integrate well with my life as a busy mom of four. Today, I work about 30 hours a week and earn a good income doing so. And of course, I love my work. Most of my work is in the natural health field, but I also do some financial writing, plus an occasional project for other industries. I write copy for websites, ads, sell sheets, postcards, newsletters, package and label copy, and brochures.

The copywriting field is so broad and deep and vast that aspiring copywriters shouldn’t have any trouble carving out a niche they enjoy.”

– Eileen Coale, Annapolis, MD

 “Had to let ya’ll know that the travel agency where I worked for 8 years just asked me to come back to work for them. I politely turned them down and quietly hung up the phone. Then I jumped out of my chair, punched the air and yelled, “Yes!”

Thanks to AWAI and all the doors you’ve opened for me, I won’t be going back to slave at a job for $6.50 an hour. Instead I’m having a blast running my own business – and making 12 times more per hour (no kidding) than I did after working as a travel agent for 10 years!

Keep up the GREAT WORK everyone!!! You’re helping us reinvent our lives!”

– Kammy Thurman., Laurel, MT

Read more testimonials and success stories from AWAI members.

Or check out AWAI’s Wall of Fame, which honors AWAI members who, through their hard work and dedicated persistence, are now living “the writer’s life” as successful, working, in-demand copywriters and freelancers.

And for more information on how to identify scams, check out our article on how to identify scams, which includes a 7-point checklist you can use to protect yourself and your hard-earned money from the worst offenders out there.

Have a question about AWAI? Contact us and let us answer it.