Our Gift to You
Meditations for Writers:

A Quiet, Simple “Daily Ritual” that Can Immediately Transform Your Life Both Personally and Professionally

Meditations for Writers We’re all striving to be better.

We want to be better writers, better parents, better friends, better neighbors, better members of our community, and to give as much as we can of ourselves to those most important people in our lives.

It’s not easy to be all these things …

To live up to the high expectations we tend to set for ourselves.

Life can get busy. There are distractions and pressures and stresses that prevent us from performing at our peak.

But there’s a simple “trick” you can use that will help enormously in this regard.

It’s a little “ritual,” if you will, that you do twice a day: Once in the morning and once in the evening.

It only takes a few minutes. It’s very simple. No special skills are necessary. Anyone can do it. And the results are immediate.

It’s a series of meditations for writers, created by Annette Annechild. Annette is a writer and holds a Ph.D. in counseling psychology. The meditations she’s created in Accessing the Writer Within will help you …

  • Unclutter your mind so you’re better in tune with your creative ideas.
  • Quickly transition into the writer’s zone whenever you need to.
  • Get deeply in touch with the most creative part of your mind.
  • Silence your inner critic so you can get your best ideas down faster.
  • Overcome procrastination once and for all.
  • Achieve laser-beam-like focus no matter your mood and no matter the distractions that surround you.

These meditations for writers will help you achieve this and so much more.

You’ll start to see a positive change immediately. And it takes only 10 minutes, twice a day.

Full lifetime access to Accessing the Writer Within: A 21-Day Journey to Unlocking and Unleashing Your True Writing Potential is just $97.

But right now, it’s our special gift to you … a gift to help you now as well as … well … for the rest of your life!

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