June 2001

Success Story: Masters Member Beth Erickson Tells Us How She Got Not Just Her First Client – But Her First Four!

Beth Erickson reveals how AWAI's bootcamp set her on the path to a steady stream of clients.

Secrets of a Master: Memories, Behavior, and the Volkswagen Beetle

John Forde reveals how powerful nostalgia—and memories—can be and how you can use it in your next direct mail package.

Bullet Blaster: A Review of the 4 U's Plus Exercises to Improve Your Bullet-Writing Skill

Learn how you can use the 4 U's to make sure your bullets are reeling your readers in, not letting them slip away.

Interview With a Pro: How Copywriter Kieran Doherty Achieved His Dream of Becoming a Children's Book Author

Professional copywriter Kieran Doherty describes how he found success as a children's book author.

Michael Masterson Critiques a DM Classic

Michael Masterson critiques the Admiral Byrd Polar Flight sales letter.

Success Story: Masters Member Rich Silver Tells Exactly How He Got His Foot In the Door of Mutual of Omaha

Rich Silver shares his technique for getting in the door with a national insurance company.