July 2001

Use Color to Evoke Emotion

Find out how different colors affect the emotions of your reader.

Secrets of a Master: How to Overcome Price Resistance When Selling High-Priced Information Products

Bob Bly shares strategies for overcoming objections to the high price of information products.

Interview with a Pro: Master Copywriter Arthur Johnson Tells All to Michael Masterson, Part 1

Arthur Johnson reveals his secrets to writing successful copy.

P.S. Practice: 5 Ways to Create a Powerful and Passionate P.S.

Learn five methods for writing a better P.S.

6 Ways to Write Better with Less

Strategies for tightening and strengthening your copy.

Secrets of a Master: Less Is More. Confessions of a Word-a-Holic

John Forde shares how over-writing can potential hurt the results of a direct mail package.

Ask the Masters: Tips For Being Less Direct with Don Mahoney and John Forde

Don Mahoney and John Forde answer member questions.

Success Story: AWAI Congratulates John Kidd on His New Job Promotion – and First Professional Writing Job

John Kidd shares his writing success story.

The Rules Have Changed on How to Write and Send Effective Resumes. Could There Be a Business Opportunity in This for You?

How the Internet has changed the way we use resumes and how you can profit from it.