January 2002

Interview With a Pro: Porter Stansberry Reveals How He Got Started As a Copywriter – and the Secret of the Big Idea

In an interview with Porter Stansberry you learn how to get started as a copywriting and how to capture a compelling big idea for each package that you write.

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Master copywriters tell you what you should read to enhance your success.

Secrets of a Master: How to Add Power Negotiation Tactics to Your Sales Pitch

John Forde shows you the power of reciprocal concession.

More of What You Need to Make Your New Writing Career Pay Off

John Forde shares more tips for building your career as a successful copywriter.

Ask the Masters: Interview Tips for Calling Experts with Bob Bly and John Forde

John Forde and Bob Bly relay their favorite strategies for conducting a good interview.

Getting Clients: Two More AWAI Members Share Their Secrets for Success

AWAI members give you strategies for getting more clients.

Interview With a Pro: How Stuart J. Got His Copywriting Job at Nightingale-Conant

An AWAI member shares how he landed a career-making opportunity with Nightingale-Conant.