February 2002

Secrets of a Master: 10 Insider Secrets of Successful Interviewing, by Jen Stevens

Jen Stevens shares ten secrets for conducting better interviews.

Interview With a Pro: Our Conversation With Master Copywriter Dick Sanders, Part 1

Master copywriting Dick Sanders joins AWAI for a revealing interview.

Success Story: AWAI Member Peter F. Takes Us Up on Our Copy Challenge and Lands a Test Mailing – Learn How You Can Too

AWAI member wins the 10k challenge and reveals the power of having a mentor.

Recommended Reading: What Readers Are Reading

Recommended reading from Early to Rise readers.

Success Story: Masters Member Catherine Mccabe Tells Us About Her New Freelance Career

AWAI member Catherine McCabe shares how the AWAI Travel Writing program helped her launch a successful freelance writing career.

Secrets of a Master: What You Can Do As a Copywriter When It Comes to Writing Offers

John Forde uncovers the secrets of writing offers your readers will act on.